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The top 5 Dota 2 betting sites

Out of the close to 40 different Dota 2 betting sites that we at eBetFinder have played on and carefully reviewed, there are five that stand out from the rest and are highly recommended to check out. The personal favorite in the eBetFinder office is Arcanebet and the one we would urge you to start with, but depending on what you’re looking for in a Dota 2 betting site, it could also be worth checking out EGB, Vitalbet, ggBET and Bet365. Below you’ll find a short review of these five Dota 2 gambling sites, which will give you a good idea of what to expect from them. If you would like to know even more about them, you can read our full reviews or visit the betting site directly to learn more there.

Arcanebet – A phenomenal Dota 2 betting site

Arcane bet logo 256x150 eBetFinderArcanebet is where you should head for an outstanding welcome offer and an overall awesome Dota 2 betting experience. Their welcome offer has no minimum odds to the wagering, which makes this extremely valuable and hands down the best bonus for Dota 2 betting. This is alone worth a visit to Arcanebet.

You’re also able to find a wide selection of Dota 2 matches covered, as well as nice variety of entertaining markets to bet on. If you have any Dota 2 skins, you’re able to deposit with these, place a Dota 2 bet and then withdraw real money to your bank account. It’s the perfect way to get rid of all those unwanted skins.

In addition to the above, you’ll find plenty of Dota 2 matches streamed directly on site, which makes for a great live betting experience. If you’re really into interactive betting, you’ll also be pleased with their full and partial cash out option that allows you to cash out bets before the matches have finished. When it comes withdrawal and settling times, these are among the fastest in the industry.

The only real downside with Arcanebet is that their customer service (which is available on live chat, e-mail and phone) isn’t online 24/7 and that they don’t have any casino games. As long as you don’t mind any of this, Arcanebet is a definite must if you’re looking for a stellar Dota 2 betting website.

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Vitalbet – A site loaded with Dota 2 bets

Logo for VitalbetVitalbet is an overall great place for Dota 2 betting, which has a couple of similarities with Arcanebet. They’re both using the same odds supplier, which means that you’ll find the same awesome coverage of Dota 2. They also have really fast withdrawal and settling times, a lot of live streaming directly on site and a full and partial cash out option.

The biggest difference between them is that Vitalbet don’t have that valuable of a welcome offer and don’t offer any live chat at all. On the plus side, they do however more or less have a 24/7 hour support on e-mail and if you appreciate casino games, you’ll find a decent selection of that as well.

Vitalbet is a really good choice for Dota 2 betting if you like to mix up your betting with the entertainment of casino games and want very fast withdrawal times. If you do however don’t mind waiting 24 hours for a withdrawal to be processed, Bet365 would actually be a much better place for combining casino with bets on Dota 2.

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Bet365 – Best choice for casino and Dota 2 bets with fun markets

Logo for Bet365Bet365 is an awesome Dota 2 betting site if you’re looking for a wide selection of entertaining Dota 2 markets to bet on. Even though the other sites on our list have a good variety, they can’t compete with Bet365. You’ll find markets such as who will destroy the first tower, the first barracks and kill the first Roshan, which you currently won’t find at the other sites.

Their match coverage is also an outstanding one and as mentioned above, it’s the best place to combine your Dota 2 betting with casino games. They have more than 600 slots and a wide selection of table games.

In addition to the above, Bet365 offers a pretty valuable welcome offer that’s well worth checking out, even though it can’t be compared with Arcanebet’s. You’ll also find a customer support that’s available around the clock on live chat, e-mail and phone, as well as withdrawal and settling times that are up to standards. These times are not quite as good as Arcanebet’s and Vitalbet’s, but unless you’re picky they will definitely do. Lastly, you’ll find a full and partial cash out option here as well.

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EGB – A unique site with a Dota 2 pick promotion

Logo for EGBEGB offers a unique experience compared to the other four sites and could very well be the best Dota 2 betting site for you. There’s quite a few things that’s different at EGB. To start with, you have a player chat that makes it possible to interact and chat with other bettors. You also have the possibility to place bets with play money, if you for some reason would like that.

They also have a unique Dota 2 promotion where you compete against other bettors by guessing what the drafts will be in professional matches. If you like promotions, you’ll probably like their quest system as well. By completing daily quests, such as placing certain bets, you’re awarded with player points. These can be spent on real money, bonuses or gamer equipment like mousepads and keyboards.

In addition to the above, you’ll find a 24/7 customer support available on live chat, e-mail and phone, as well as withdrawal and settling times that are pretty good. They also have a lot of live streaming on Dota 2 matches directly on site. When it comes to the betting coverage of the game, you won’t find as many matches and markets as with the other Dota 2 betting sites, but it’s still a great coverage. Their biggest downside is that they don’t have any other products than eSport and that you sometimes feel like the website design could need an upgrade.

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ggBET – A great Dota 2 betting site

Logo for ggBETggBET is a great Dota 2 betting site that almost makes you feel like Arcanebet and Vitalbet had a baby. Just like the two of them, ggBET is using the same odds provider, which means that the coverage is identical and therefore amazing. They have a lot of live streaming directly on site and just like Arcanebet, you’re able to deposit with any Dota 2 skins that you have and withdraw real money.

ggBET once were a pure eSport betting site and therefore have a stunning gamer design to their website. They are still mainly focused on eSport, but you’re also able to find a few videoslots, table games and other luck based products.

What’s really good with ggBET and what separates them from Arcanebet and Vitalbet, is that you’ll always have a customer support online that can be reached on live chat. They also run interesting promotions every now and then to take part of. Their downsides do however include a missing welcome offer and withdrawal times that are usually longer than the other mentioned sites. Normally you don’t have to wait all too long, but the bigger the withdrawal, the longer you may have to wait.

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If you would like to find out how betting on Dota 2 started, what is required to become a successful bettor of the game or what the future might bring, we highly recommend checking out the Dota 2 betting guide. This also offers all the available markets for Dota 2 and other information!

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