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- Mobile app

- Cash out option

- 24/7 customer support

- Live streaming on eSports

- Amazing eSports coverage

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- Cash out option

- Partial cash out option

- Amazing eSports coverage

- Live streaming on a lot of eSports

- Great withdrawal and settling times

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- Live streaming

- 24/7 customer support

- Great eSports coverage

- Play money to try the site out

- Chat room to talk with other players

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- 24/7 customer support

- Amazing eSports coverage

- Nice design and navigation

- A lot of live streaming on eSports

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Let me tell you about a story of a forsaken world. A story of events that happened so long ago, only tales that have barely survived the ages of time remain. A story of heroes possessed with incredible powers. A story of endless battles between the Radiant and the Dire. Let me tell you the story of…

Defenders of the Ancients

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Dota, which is short for “Defense of the Ancients”, is one of the most popular Moba games (multiplayer online battle arena) up to date. It was originally created as a mod to the very popular strategy game Warcraft 3. The first version of the mod was released back in 2003 and was actually itself based on another mod from Starcraft called “Aeon of Strife”. There have been several different people designing the Dota mod to Warcraft 3, but most recognized is a guy who calls himself IceFrog who 2005 took over the development of the mod. The mod came to grow extremely popular among players, making Dota by far the most popular mod ever created to Warcraft 3.

Aware of the success and potential of the game, Valve hired IceFrog as their lead designer in 2009 and started working on Dota 2, which was to become the successor and stand alone game of Dota. The open beta began in 2011, whereas the game was fully released in July 2013. Dota 2 is the version of Dota that most people are playing today and that is why dota 2 gambling is the version of dota the betting sites offers betting on.

Tournaments and betting on Dota 2

The international with full stadiumEver since the game was released, betting on Dota 2 has steadily been increasing and it’s no wonder at all. Every year several tournaments are being hosted all around the world and the prize money is huge, to say the least. In 2016, The Shanghai Major, Manilla Major and Boston Major were all hosted with a stunning prize pool of $3,000,000.00. These tournaments are however just pocket money compared to the grandmaster tournament of them all, The International. This is the tournament that has really made today’s wide spread selection of Dota 2 betting available. The International was first introduced in 2011 even though Dota 2 was still only in open beta. The prize pool was then a modest $1,600,000.00 and the same goes for 2012. In 2013, when Dota 2 had been released, an immediate effect could be noticed as the prize pool was almost doubled. It was however not until 2014, when Valve had had some time to really establish the game, that the prize pool sky rocketed to an astounding $10,923,977.00, making The International the largest eSports event by prize money. This record was however not held very long as it was beaten at the next year’s International with an absolutely shocking prize pool of $18,428,613.00, making the lucky winners millionaires as they shared a total of $6,636,661.00. The prize pool of The International was once again topped in 2016 with a prize pool that almost reached $21 million.

When it comes to betting sites offering Dota 2 bets, it’s no surprise that most eSports betting sites at least have a few matches covered when a major tournament goes down. What on the other hand is a bit surprising, is that the Dota 2 betting coverage of some established I-gaming sites like Betfair, don’t cover more matches than they actually do. There is also well known betting sites like ComeOn, which on one hand have a great coverage when it comes to the number of Dota 2 matches covered, but on the other hand is lacking when it comes to the variety of markets offered. Luckily there are sites like Bet365 and Vitalbet that does a good job covering both. As there seems to be no limit to how big the prize pools can get in the Dota 2 tournaments, we’re expecting to see more or less all eSports bookies eventually stepping up and increasing their Dota 2 betting coverage.

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Best sites to bet for Dota 2 bets

If you’re looking for a good place to bet on Dota 2, we currently recommend checking out either EGB, Vitalbet, Bet365 or ggBET. Below you’ll find a short review of these four Dota 2 gambling sites, but you’ll also be able to go to our full reviews or visit the betting site directly to learn more there.

EGB is an overall great site which is purely into eSports betting and nothing else. Their Dota 2 match coverage is great, but the variety of markets are lacking a bit compared to the other sites mentioned. It is however by no means bad and they do offer a lot of other things that bring value to the Dota 2 gambling experience. You’ll for instance find a highly entertaining Dota 2 picking game, where you’re able to compete against other players for money by guessing what the picks in professional tournaments will be. You’ll also find a player point system where you’re getting points as you’re betting, as well as daily quests that could earn you even more points. These can then be spent in a shop for Dota 2 betting bonuses, pure money or gamer equipment like mousepads and keyboards. EGB also have good withdrawal times, 24/7 customer support, a lot of live streaming and a nice chat to talk with other players in. Read the full EGB eSports review or join EGB now.

Vitalbet eSports is the site you’re looking for if you want a great Dota 2 match coverage and a nice variety of fun markets for Dota 2 bets, while also being able to get one of the best withdrawal times in the industry. Once a withdrawal is requested, it’s usually processed within 3 hours to a credit card and even faster if using other withdrawal methods like Skrill or Neteller. Vitalbet also has a full and partial cash out feature, as well as a lot of live streaming. Read the full Vitalbet eSports review or join Vitalbet now.

ggBET is a great choice if you want that awesome gamer feeling every time you’re placing a bet as their design is a true pleasure for the eyes. They’re mainly a pure eSport betting site, but also offer a few entertaining side games. You’ll also find a lot of live streaming and just like Vitalbet their Dota 2 and eSports coverage is great as it’s more or less identical. Another great thing with ggBET is that they offer the possibility to deposit with Dota 2 skins, have 24/7 customer support and add value to the professional eSport teams by donating money. Read the full ggBET eSports review or join ggBET now.

Bet365 is the place to go if you’re looking for the best variety of fun Dota 2 markets to bet on. Even though the other sites have a good variety, they can’t compete with Bet365. The match coverage is great here as well and they have a 24/7 support, live streaming, a nice welcome offer for Dota 2 betting and good withdrawal times, withdrawal is usually processed within 24 hours. Read the full Bet365 eSports review or join bet365 now.

Markets for betting on Dota 2

As Dota 2 betting is one of the most popular choices when it comes to eSports betting, it’s no surprise that there is a wide selection of different Dota 2 betting markets to choose from. All markets might not be available on every eSport betting site and they may vary a bit from time to time, but below you will find a list of markets you might find. If you’re betting on bet365 you should be able to find most of these.

  • Match winner
  • Map winner
  • Handicap
  • Correct map score
  • Odd/Even total kills
  • Over/Under total maps
  • Over/Under total kills

  • Over/Under total time
  • If a third map will be played
  • Team to win at least 1 map
  • Team to draw first blood
  • Team to destroy first tower
  • Team to destroy first barracks

  • Team to slay first Roshan
  • First team to reach a no. of kills
  • Player getting godlike streak
  • If courier will be killed or not
  • Tournament winner
  • Team to reach the finals

Becoming successful in Dota 2 gambling

Whether or not you’re just betting for fun to increase the excitement of the professional matches going down, making a little extra cash never hurts. To become a successful bettor on Dota 2 you should get as much knowledge as you can about the game, the tournament and the professional teams you’re betting on.

Dota 2 is a game that has regular updates to it, which could possibly have a great affect on a team. The 7.00 update was for instance a major game changer for all the professional teams and with such a large update it’s important to have in mind which team may be best at adapting to changes. It’s also important to always have in mind what a win or lose will mean for the team. It might be a qualifier match that doesn’t matter for one of the teams as they have already qualified, whereas the other team perhaps would have to win it. In such a case the team having to win it will probably bring their A-game, while the other team might not care that much and experiment with new strategies. It’s also good knowing the teams and if there were any changes to them recently. If a new player just joined the team, the team dynamics might be affected negatively as they’re not used to communicate and play together.

You should also consider betting with a good bonus if you have the possibility to do so, as this will increase your chances of making a profit.

The future of Dota 2 betting

The future of placing Dota 2 bets is looking very bright right now. So far we have only seen a growth in it, with more and more betting sites offering Dota 2 betting. With the eSports industry expected to break new records this year, Dota 2 betting will most likely continue to grow. It is somewhat being threatened by League of Legends which is also a MOBA, but has a lot bigger community than Dota 2. With that being said, there are of course room for more than one game at the bookies and as the betting sites are starting to become aware of the growing eSports industry and the popularity of Dota 2 gambling, we will surely see a better match coverage and more markets offered amongst them. League of Legends might always be a bit more prioritized by them as the demand is higher, hence might always have a slightly better coverage as well as markets. It shouldn’t matter that much though, because Dota 2 betting is still very popular and we do indeed predict a clear increase of options for Dota 2 bets.

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How betting on Dota 2 can improve the scene

Dota 2 betting is not only something that brings a lot of joy and excitement to us, as well as a bit of extra cash if we’re good at it – it’s much more than that. By placing bets on Dota 2, we’re actually supporting the competitive scene. Not necessarily directly, but by betting on Dota 2 we’re a part of showing the betting sites that there’s actually an interest in this and with a growing interest there will eventually be more sponsorship deals. Of course, the growing eSports industry itself should be reason enough for Dota 2 betting sites making such deals, but it still helps with us showing interest. It would be especially noticeable if competitive betting sites that are purely focused on eSports do well, as this would be a clear indication to other betting sites that there’s an interest in dota 2 betting and other eSport games. As Dota 2 gambling sites are highly competitive against one another, they all of course want to be the ones where we decide to place our Dota 2 bets and to succeed in this they would have to be seen as much as possible. Therefore sponsorship deals will be made, which will of course benefit the professional teams and the scene itself. This is not only something that will happen in the future, but it has already happened as the eSports betting site ggBET formed a sponsorship deal with Alliance in December 2016.

Dota 2 gameplay

Dota 2 epic gameplay photoDota 2 is a very strategic game that is played in teams of two, consisting of five players in each that really has to work well together to be able to become victorious. Every player has a unique hero, with unique abilities that is picked before the game starts. Exactly how the picking is done depends on what mode you’re playing, but for competitive play teams alternate banning and picking heroes. In total, there are more than a hundred heroes to pick from. These are generally categorized into “Carries”, “Supporters”, “Off-laners”, “Mid heroes”, “Roamers” and “Junglers”, which all have their own specific role in the game. We will go deeper into detail about this further down, but let us cover the basics first.

Each team (called the Dire and the Radiant) starts in one of two bases on two opposite sides of a map which is partially divided by a river (that is crossable). The objective of the game is to destroy the opposing team’s base. To do this, the players have to level up their heroes, farm gold to buy items and equipment as well as strategically work together and outplay the other team. To level up and get gold, enemy heroes, buildings and creeps, as well as neutral creeps can be killed. Gold is also constantly, automatically generated, but very slowly so.

Map of dota 2The map has three different lanes referred to as “off-lane”, “safe-lane” and “mid-lane”, which we will explain shortly why. These three lanes all lead to the enemy’s base and each lane is guarded by three towers. In these lanes, each team’s creeps spawn from each team’s base every thirty seconds. They then automatically move within the lane towards the enemy’s base, killing everything in their way. The map also consist of smaller paths which are leading into jungles. These jungles have neutral creeps (creeps not belonging to either team) which can be farmed for gold and experience. There are a total of four of these jungles, whereas two are big ones and two are a bit smaller. The two big jungles are located on opposite sides of the map, where one is the closest to the Dire team and one is the closest to the Radiant team. Therefore you could say that each team has their own jungle, which is also where the word safe-lane comes from. The lane that is connected with your own team’s jungle is considered a lot safeer than the off-lane, whereas the mid-lane is in the middle and is more or less neutral.

Located in the river, in the middle of the map, is a super strong neutral creep, which when killed gives extra gold to all of the players in the team and drops an item that can be carried by a hero. This item will expire after a certain period of time, but as long as it’s carried, the hero who carries it will be resurrected once on death. Normally when you die, you have to wait for a certain period of time before you respawn in your base again. It is however possible to respawn instantly in the base by paying a certain amount of gold.

On the map you will also find something called shrines, power up runes and bounty runes. There are a total of two shrines in each team which can be used to heal heroes every 5 minutes, which otherwise only is possible by using healing items, running all the way back to the base or by using a special power up rune. The bounty runes and power up runes spawn every two minutes in the game. There are a total of four bounty runes, which when taken will give you a small boost to experience and gold. There’s only one of the power up rune, which will either spawn in the left or the right side of the river. There are a total of four different power ups that can spawn: double damage (giving you double damage), haste (giving you maximum movement speed), illusion (creating two illusions of your hero that do less damage and take more damage) and regeneration (rapidly regenerating mana and hit points). These power ups last only for a short duration of time.

Even though growing stronger is a big part of the game, it’s important to keep in mind that teamwork usually is what determines which team who will win. This includes picking a team that works well together and that counter the enemy’s team. A good team usually consit of a carry, mid hero, off-laner and two supports. This is a good base, but as a big part of the game is to counter the opponent, the setup might be different from one game and another. The carry, mid hero, off-laner and one support are more or less always there, but you might replace the other support with either a jungler or roamer. Alright, let’s get into detail what all of these type of heroes mean.

Image of dota 2 heroesCarry: The carry usually spends the early and mid part of the game farming for gold and experience. This is so that he can get as strong as possible and deal a lot of damage in the later part, which will hopefully carry the team to victory. Of course the carry can’t do all the work in a team fight, but he is usually the one dealing the most damage. For the carry to get as much farm as possible, he usually starts the game in the safe-lane.

Support: The job of the support is as the named tells you to support. In the early game there’s usually one or two supports in the safe-lane helping the carry getting farm. This is for instance done by healing him or attacking the enemy hero/heroes that is also in the lane from the opposite team, so that he/they can’t mess with the carry. A support should always let the carry get the last hits on creeps so that he gets the gold. A support is not only helping the carry, but if he can prevent the enemy hero/heroes from getting any farm, he’s doing a great job as well. Furthermore the job of a support also consist of buying observer and sentry wards. An observer ward is an item that can be placed on the map to give vision within a certain radius, while a sentry ward can detect invisible heroes, also within a certain radius.

Jungler: A jungler is a hero who will start the game in the jungle. Far from every hero is able to kill neutral creeps in an effective way at a low level, but a jungler does this very well. As a jungler gets a lot of farm and experience from the neutral creeps, he will more or less always be a carry. He will however never carry the game solo, but he is an addition to the carry in the safe-lane.

Roamer: A roamer is a hero that in the early game won’t be in a specific lane, but he will move along the map and aid other lanes in form of trying to kill enemy heroes or just harassing them so that they will have a hard time. A support could very well play as a roamer if there’s room for it in the game, it’s all about adapting. There are however some heroes to choose from that excel in beginning the game with just roaming around and messing it up for enemy players.

Mid-hero: The name Mid-hero comes from being able to handle the middle very well, which is one of the positions a hero should be located in the early game. In the middle you’re more or less always on your own and therefore it takes a certain hero to be able to handle this. Sometimes a support or roamer may come to aid you, but for the most of the part you’re supposed to handle it. Mid-heroes are usually a form of carry or roamer, which means that they either need some type of farm or that they every now and then will move from the middle and try and kill enemy heroes.

Off-laner: An offlaner is as the name may tell a hero that starts the game in the off-lane. As the off-lane is the same as the enemy team’s safe-lane, you will usually face a carry and at least one support here, while you’re often on your own. Off-lane heroes are heroes that handle this very well for various reasons. Off-laners are usually heroes that will have some tanking ability or initiation in team battles, but it’s not always the case. Every now and then you’ll find a team composition that makes it a good idea to have a support with the off-laner as well as a support with the carry in the safe-lane.

Dota 2 game modes

image of matchmaking regions dota 2The game modes in Dota 2 are divided into three different categories; Practice modes, Normal modes and Ranked modes. The practice ones are simply for practice purposes and getting better in the game, while the normal modes are for casual play and the ranked modes for competitive action. In the ranked modes you will receive or lose MMR (Match Making Ranking) depending if you win or lose the game. When playing ranked matches you will always play with and against people that has about the same MMR as yourself.

Practice modes

Practice against bots: As the name tells us, you will in this mode be able to practice against bots. You can either choose to play together with other players on your team or to have bots on your team as well. The bots can be set to five different difficulty levels; passive, easy, medium, hard and unfair.

Practice 1v1: In this game mode you will only play in the mid lane against another player. As this is a practice mode, the game will end when a player dies two times or when the first mid tower is destroyed. This mode is perfect for anyone who wants to become the best in handling the very important middle position.

Ranked modes

All pick: This mode starts with each player having the possibility to nominate a hero that they would like to ban. From the heroes selected, two randomly chosen heroes will then be banned and can’t be picked. Once this is done, teams will take turns picking one hero each at a time. The team who starts picking first is randomly decided.

image of captains mode dota 2Captains mode: This is a highly competitive mode which all professional tournaments are being played in, hence the basis of dota 2 betting. Here one player will be selected to be the captain of the team and will be doing all of the banning and picking for the entire team. The team is of course able to speak and make suggestions in the chat, but in the end it’s up to the captain to decide. The mode starts with the captains of the teams taking turns banning one hero each. After that, one team will pick one hero, followed by the other team picking two and then back to the other picking one again. After this, there’s yet again a banning phase. This time each team will ban two heroes each, taking turns doing so, banning one at a time. This is then again followed by picking, where two heroes will be picked in each team, taking turns doing so, picking one at a time. There is then a last ban of one hero each and then a last pick of one hero each, taking turns doing so.

Random draft: In random draft you will only find a pool of 50 randomly selected heroes to choose from. Each team will take turns choosing one hero each. This mode is more or less like all pick, but with a limited hero pool and with no banning being done.

Normal modes

All pick: Normal all pick is played almost identically like the ranked one with teams taking turns to pick heroes. Unlike the ranked one there is however no banning taking place in this mode.

Captains mode: This mode is identical with the ranked captains mode. The only thing that’s different is that this match will not count towards any ranking.

Random draft: Random draft is being played just as the ranked one with the difference that this is a casual mode with no ranking involved.

Ability draft mode dota 2Ability draft: This mode is a very casual one. Here every player will receive a randomly selected hero, but without any abilities. The abilities from each of these heroes + two other randomly selected heroes are located in the middle (making 48 abilities in total) which can be picked from. Players will take turns picking the abilities they would like to have on their hero, making it completely custom made and causing both mass confusion and a lot fun in the game.

Least played: In least played you will only get to choose from the heroes that are your least played ones. Every player will have different heroes to choose from, as they will all have their least played heroes making this the perfect mode to learn some new heroes. There’s no taking turns picking in this mode, but everyone may pick at any time. There is however a timer and if you haven’t picked before this reaches zero, you will be given a random hero.

All random: In all random each player in each team is automatically given a random hero from all of the available heroes. As the team composition can be quite unfair in this mode, it’s a very casual one that shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

All random deathmatch: In this mode each player in each team first start with a random hero just like in all random. The difference in this mode is that each time you a player dies, he’s respawned as a new, randomly chosen hero. There’s also only a total of 40 heroes for each team, which means that in addition to the normal objective, the game can be won by killing 40 enemy heroes.

Dota 2 arcade (fun play)

Image of dota 2 arcade sectionIf you want a relaxing break from the normal game or just really want to enjoy yourself, the Dota 2 arcade is the perfect place to go to. Whether you’re playing together with friends or just soloing with random players, you will have a blast here. This section is all about community made fun maps and the creativity is amazing. Have you ever played fun maps like these from for instance Starcraft or Warcraft, you will immediately recognize a lot of the maps. You will find several different tower defence maps, role playing type of maps, arenas, different remakes of the original game such as being able to play 10 vs 10 instead of 5 vs 5 or playing the game with every hero buffed like crazy. There’s a huge selection of different fun maps to choose from and a lot more categories than the ones mentioned.

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