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Counter-Strike Global Offensive odds on upcoming matches

CSGO betting odds from Arcanebet

Counter-Strike, CSEsports.com

StartsTeam 1Team 2Odd 1Odd 2
03/24 11:00PRiDENexus2.201.60
03/24 12:00BproDreamEaters1.402.77

Counter-Strike, CSGO.NET Cup

StartsTeam 1Team 2Odd 1Odd 2
03/24 11:00WindigoSingularity1.352.99

Counter-Strike, StarLadder

StartsTeam 1Team 2Odd 1Odd 2
03/24 11:00MVP PKSpirit--

Counter-Strike, GG:Origin

StartsTeam 1Team 2Odd 1Odd 2
03/24 12:00GODSENTValiance1.512.44

Counter-Strike, ESEA Premier EU

StartsTeam 1Team 2Odd 1Odd 2
03/24 19:00BIGRed Reserve1.382.91

Counter-Strike, ECS Season 5

StartsTeam 1Team 2Odd 1Odd 2
03/24 20:00NiPEnVyUs1.224.19
03/24 21:00EnVyUsNiP4.081.23
03/24 22:00OpTic GamingLuminosity1.382.98
03/24 23:00LuminosityOpTic Gaming2.321.59

An introduction to CS:GO betting odds

In the list above you’re able to find CS:GO betting odds on some of the upcoming professional matches that are being played within Counter Strike: Global Offensive. These show you how much you’re able to win if you were to place a real money bet on any of the teams.

The odds are listed in a decimal view, which means that all you have to do to calculate your potential winnings is to multiply the amount you want to bet with the number the odd is showing. Should you for instance like to place a €20 bet on a team that has a CS:GO betting odd of 2.50, this means you would receive €50 back if that team wins (20 * 2.50 = 50). The higher the odds are, the more you’re able to win.

At the moment we have only listed odds for the market type match winner as this is the most common type of bet to place on CS:GO. This simply means that you’re betting on which team that will win the match. By clicking on any of the odds, you can however visit Arcanebet and find plenty of other markets as well, such as the number of rounds that will be played in the match and which team that will win the pistol rounds.

Should you be interested in knowing more about the different type of markets that can be found on CS:GO and finding out which top betting sites that offer these, we highly recommend checking out our guide about entertaining markets on CS:GO.

Understanding betting odds on CS:GO

To become a successful bettor, it’s very important to be aware of how the betting odds on CS:GO are decided by betting sites. This is done by a single person or a team using their own knowledge, previous match statics and other information to make a percentage based prediction on how the matches might go. They might for instance believe that one of the teams will have a 80% chance to win, which leaves the other team with a 20% chance.

Once these percentages are settled, they are being transformed into odds, which is very quickly done by using a probability to odds calculator. For the decimal type of odds that we have listed above, this can easily be done manually as well by just dividing 100 with the estimated percentage. An 80% win chance would for instance equal a CS:GO betting odd of 1.25 (100/80).

Once they have these odds, they usually lower them a few percent, which is their so called betting margin and the way that they increase their chances of making themselves a profit. Their 80% prediction that would equal an odd of 1.25 might for instance be offered as an odd of 1.22 for you to bet on.

Although all of the betting sites do this, it’s no problem making a long term profit as long as you make better predictions than the bookmaker and choose odds that are in your favor to bet on. This is something you can learn all about of in our CS:GO betting tips section.

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