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- Cash out option

- Partial cash out option

- Amazing eSports coverage

- Live streaming on a lot of eSports

- Great withdrawal and settling times

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- Live streaming

- 24/7 customer support

- Great eSports coverage

- Play money to try the site out

- Chat room to talk with other players

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- Mobile App

- Great design

- 24/7 customer support

- Great eSports coverage

- Nice variety of eSport markets

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- 24/7 customer support

- Amazing eSports coverage

- Nice design and navigation

- A lot of live streaming on eSports

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More betting sites for CS:GO

For as long as the modern society has been around, there have been those trying to inflict changes with violence. Some call them revolutionaries or even martyrs. We, we call them terrorists. For every terrorist out there, there is a special task force assigned. A task force to ensure that for every terrorist attack, there is a counter strike.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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CS:GO fan art logoCS:GO, which is short for Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter and is the fourth game released in the very popular Counter-Strike franchise. The original Counter-Strike game was first released back in 1999 as a mod to the hit seller Half-Life, which has many times been considered one of the greatest games of all time due to its graphics, realistic gameplay and narrative for the time being. Counter-Strike was followed by Counter-Strike: Condition Zero in 2004 and Counter-Strike: Source just 8 months after that. While Condition Zero was considered a big fail among most, Source received a lot of positive reviews from professional critics. The competitive community was however very critical to it as they claimed that the game’s skill ceiling was significantly lower than for the original Counter-Strike. Therefore neither of the games became as popular as its predecessor. When CS:GO was released in 2012, this did the trick as it was met with great reviews. In 2015, CS:GO won the eSports Game of the Year Award and this is when a lot of people started with CS:GO Betting.

Tournaments and betting on CS:GO

CS:GO eSports event, full arenaCS:GO have for long been following a clear trend with more and more tournaments being hosted and increased prize pools offered. This has led to the game getting a lot of recognition with many people watching the professional competitive matches, which has sparked a huge interest in people for betting on the game. With around 50 tournaments being hosted in 2016, where the biggest one had a prize pool of $1,400,000.00, and 2017 being kicked off with an even bigger tournament at $1,400,000.00, it’s no wonder that one would find an interest in placing bets on CS:GO. Not only is it the perfect way to make the matches more exciting, but with a little bit of luck and a portion of skill one could make some extra money on it.

When it comes to eSports betting sites offering csgo bets, most established eSports betting sites are actually doing a great job. It has for instance only been a year since LeoVegas, who previously only offered casino games, started to offer betting on CS:GO and they already have a top notch match coverage. What is however lacking a bit is the variety of different markets. CSGO betting sites that are really into eSports like for instance Vitalbet or ggBET are doing a fairly good job providing a wide variety of different markets, but many other betting sites are lacking when it comes to this. One that is surprisingly good at this is however Betway who by far have the best variety of markets offered on CS:GO.

Best sites to bet on CS:GO in UK and Europe

When it comes to match coverage, a lot of eSports betting sites are doing a great job covering CS:GO betting. You could more or less pick any betting site and be sure its a good CS:GO betting site, but why not choose the best? Who’s the best is of course always a matter of opinion, but in our experience and with our expertise in CS:GO Betting, we would say that the best choices are Betway, EGB, Vitalbet and ggBET, where Betway currently offers the highest level of entertainment in UK and Europe. Let us give you a short preview of these excellent CS:GO betting sites.

Betway eSports offers an amazing variety of markets like no other eSports betting sites does, which makes it to a fantastic CS:GO betting site. Further down you can find a list of different markets offered, where all of them can be found at Betway. It is however not always all of them are found, as some of these markets are only offered when certain teams like NiP play. Betway also has a great design to their website and a 24/7 hour customer support. On the downside their withdrawal times are not the best, but as long as you aren’t in a rush, Betway is an awesome CS:GO betting site.

EGB is one of the top rated betting sites when it comes to eSports betting, with no exception for CS:GO betting. You won’t find close to the variety of different markets that Betway are offering, but you will find a cashback bonus, good match coverage, good withdrawal times, 24/7 customer support, a chat to talk with other players, a lot of live streaming and a player point system which can buy you more cashback bonuses, pure money which you can be used to bet on Counter-Strike, or gaming equipment like mousepads and keyboards from famous gamer brands. You’ll also find daily quests that will get you more points and the possibility to bet with play money, should you want to try out the site without spending anything. The downside to the site is that you can’t use credit cards to deposit with, but to be perfectly honest that’s not that much of a downside as using an e-wallet like Skrill or Neteller in our opinion is a much better choice. Another thing is that EGB is a pure eSports betting site so if you’re interested in anything else (like other sports or casino), you won’t find it there. If you want to know more, click here to read our full EGB eSports review.

Vitalbet is an awesome choice if you like to have your money quickly as their withdrawal times are one of the best in the industry. Their match coverage on CS:GO is also a great one and they do offer a nice variety of different markets to play on, even though they can’t quite beat Betway’s. In addition to this they offer a full and partial cash out option which is a nice feature, as well as a lot of live streaming of matches. If you like casino games they do offer a few, but it’s really not the place to go for that. Another downside is that they unfortunately don’t have any live chat support. To find out more about the site, click here to read our full Vitalbet eSports review.

ggBET is a great place to go if you would like to contribute to your favourite teams as a portion of your winning bets on a team actually goes to that team (not from your winnings of course, but from ggBET’s pocket). If you have any CS:GO skins, you’re able to deposit with these by quickly trading them in for money, which is also quite nice. ggBET use the same odds provider as Vitalbet, which means that the match coverage is great and the variety of markets pretty good as well. They also offer plenty of live streaming on matches going down and have a 24/7 live chat support available. On the downside, withdrawals could take a few days to be processed and sometimes longer should the amounts withdrawn be huge. They also don’t have any casino games as they’re highly focused on eSports, but do offer other luck based games (currently one, but will shortly be two more). Being focused on eSports they have a very nice gamer design to their website, which makes it a pleasure for the eyes when navigating.

Markets for betting on CS:GO

As betting on CS:GO is one of the most popular choices when it comes to eSports betting, there’s also quite a lot of different markets to bet on. It’s important to know that these may vary a lot from one betting site to another and may also vary from time to time from the same bookmaker. Currently, Betway eSports is the CS:GO betting site who by far that has the best variety in betting markets, but Vitalbet and ggBET are doing a really good job as well. Below you will find a full list of CS:GO betting markets available to place csgo bets on.

  • Match winner
  • Map winner
  • Handicap
  • Correct score
  • Over/Under total rounds
  • Overtime or draw (yes/no)

  • Odd/Even number of rounds
  • No. of kills by a player on a round
  • Team that will win a certain round
  • Team to win at least one map
  • Team A/B number of maps won

  • Team A/B to win both pistol rounds
  • If bomb will be planted on a round
  • If there will be a Knife kill
  • If there will be a Molotov kill
  • If there will be a Grenade kill

Becoming successful in CS:GO betting

While some of us are just looking to bet on CS:GO for pure entertainment, others see CS:GO Betting as an opportunity beating the bookmaker and making some money on it. Whether you’re belonging to the first category or the last mentioned one, having a winning Counter-Strike bet is always a pleasure. Your success heavily relies on your knowledge about the game and the professional teams.

It might be self-explanatory, but knowing the maps that are being played can give you a huge advantage. Some maps usually come with an advantage for either Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists, which is important to take into consideration, especially if you’re placing a CS bet like who will win the pistol round. It might also be that a certain team usually does better on a certain map, due to their liking of the map or experience of it. If it’s possible, it’s recommended to check previous match statistics for either team to see how well they have done on the specific map and also in previous matches against each other.

Another thing that can help you win the CS:GO bet is knowing how much the match means for each team. It might be a group stage match in a tournament, where one of the teams have already proceeded into the next stage and don’t have to perform well as it doesn’t matter if they win or lose. On the contrary, the team they are facing might be forced to win and will therefore bring their A-game.

CS:GO text breaker 1

If you’re really into making money on CS:GO betting and making the most of your bets, you should consider having an eSports bankroll and using Skrill or Neteller as deposit methods. Having a bankroll for CS:GO betting is a great way of managing your money, helping you setting limits so that you don’t spend too much in one bet. You can find more information about this in our betting guides and by reading our article about bankroll management.

Using Skrill and Neteller is recommended as this makes it very easy for you to deposit and withdraw on different bookmakers offering eSports. Now, why would you like to use several bookies for CS:GO Betting? Well, if it’s in your interest to make the absolute most of every CS:GO bet, you would like to place them on the bookmaker offering the best CS:GO odds which can vary from one match to another. Not only that, but always having a bonus active when betting on CS can help you increase your profits, which can be achieved by taking part of several different welcome offers. As CS:GO is a very common game offered by bookmakers, you can click here to find a list of all CS:GO betting sites and find out more about their welcome offers. Alternatively you can continue reading below and get started with the absolute best bonus for CS:GO betting.

The future of CS:GO betting

CS:GO is generally one of the most common eSport games that are being offered by bookmakers and we don’t see that changing anytime soon. As professional players have actually been burned out from playing too many tournaments, we will probably begin to see a decrease in number of tournaments held in 2017/2018, which will then most likely also lead to a small decrease of matches offered by the CS:GO Betting sites. There will however certainly still be a lot of Counter-Strike matches to bet on.

While some CS:GO betting sites like Betway who are more or less doing a flawless job with the coverage, we probably won’t see much of a difference with their coverage in the future. We do however expect a lot of other bookmakers who are yet not up to their full potential to improve. Even though the match coverage is great at many CS:GO betting sites, some of them have a bit of room for improvement. Match coverage is however not the main thing to improve, but the variety of different markets offered. Many site for CS:GO betting are surprisingly enough only offering markets like match winner, map winner and handicap. This is actually not something that’s lacking for just betting on CS:GO, but a common let down amongst many of the eSport games. Seeing how popular betting on CS:GO actually is, it is however a lot more surprising that some betting sites don’t have more markets for it than it is for other games. But as the eSports scene is growing, we certainly believe that these betting sites will step up and offer a wider variety of markets. They are after all competing against each other and seeing how well for instance Betway, Vitalbet and ggBET are doing, we would be surprised if more doesn’t follow in their steps.

CS:GO text breaker 2

Some people are claiming that the competitive scene in CS:GO is declining a bit, but we believe the game is just stabilizing and finding its place. Right now there’s a huge amount of tournaments being offered, which seems to be too many for the scene to handle. Therefore we will as previously mentioned probably see a decrease in tournaments as the game is stabilizing, but we at eBetFinder believe that this can only have a positive effect. If fewer tournaments are offered, teams won’t get burned out and skip tournaments, while CS:GO betting sites could actually take the time and focus more on offering a wider variety of markets rather than covering all the matches from the different tournaments.

How betting on CS:GO may improve the scene

So let’s say that the competitive scene would in fact be declining a bit (which we don’t think). What do we do about that? Just let our beloved game die and call it a GG? Nah… We actually have the power to change the scene to the better when we’re placing bets on the game. It might be hard to believe, but by placing bets on CS:GO, we’re telling the betting sites “hey, there’s actually an interest and a market in betting on the game” and when a demand for something gets big enough, there will not only be betting offered, but betting sites will start with advertising as well to reach out to more people. So how would they advertise betting on CS:GO? They will simply make sponsorship deals with the teams so that their logo is seen together with them. This has actually already happened between the CSGO betting sites ggBET and team Fnatic. Such sponsorship deals are of course very beneficial for the competitive scene as it gives the teams an economic boost. Should you like to contribute to the scene even more, placing your bets on ggBET is the way to go. They are actually giving 1% of every winning bet on a team to that team. This is of course coming from their own pocket and not from your winnings.

CS:GO gameplay

CS:GO gameplay photoCS:GO consist of two teams that are called the Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. There are several different game modes to be played which means that the objective of the game can vary a bit depending on which is chosen. You can read more about the different game modes further down. With that being said, the objective of the game is to either complete the chosen objective or eliminate the enemy team.

The game is played on one of many different maps and operates in several rounds that are usually not longer than a few minutes each. Each team begins on two opposite sides of the map and a round ends when all the players on one team are either dead or when a team’s objective has been completed. For the majority of game modes you must wait until the round has ended until you respawn again. In the beginning of every round each player is allowed to purchase different weapons and equipment to aid them. The money needed to buy these weapons and equipment is awarded based on the player’s performance in every round. Completing objectives and killing enemies earns money, while killing teammates or hostages takes money away. At the end of every round each team is also awarded money, where the players of the winning team receive a lot more than the losing one.

CS:GO game modes

There are currently five different game modes that can be played in CS:GO; Classic Casual, Competitive, Arms Race, Demolition and Deathmatch.

CS:GO gameplay, planting bombClassic Casual and Competitive are the two most commonly played game modes and also what is most commonly bet on when it comes to CS:GO betting. These both involve Bomb Scenario and Hostage Scenario, but for competitive tournaments only bomb scenarions are being played. For the Terrorists to win at a Bomb Scenario, a bomb that is given to one player at the beginning of the round needs to be planted and explode at one of two designated targets of the map, within the time limit. The Counter-Terrorists objective is to stop this by either preventing the bomb to be planted or defusing the bomb once it has been planted. At a Hostage Scenario the Counter-Terrorists must rescue a number of hostages that has been captured by the Terrorists. The hostages must be brought to an extraction point within the time limit for the Counter-Terrorists to win. The Terrorists win by preventing this.

Arms Race is a fast paced mode where you re-spawn instantly after you die. In this mode you start with a pistol and are rewarded with a new weapon for every two kills that you make or for every one kill if it’s the enemy leader you kill. The goal is to kill with every weapon in the game and the first player to kill with the last weapon, which is a golden knife, is the one who wins it.

CS:GO different game modesDemolition is a spin on the Bomb Scenario played in Classic Casual and Competitive modes, but isn’t as commonly seen when it comes to CS:GO betting. The main difference in Demolition is that instead of earning money to buy weapons and equipment, you earn the weapons and equipment by killing players. By killing a player in a round your weapon will be upgraded to a better one in an already predetermined list. Should you kill two players you will also be given a grenade. Like in Bomb Scenario, the Terrorists must detonate the bomb while the Counter-Terrorists must prevent this. However in Demolition there is only one bomb site instead of two.

Deathmatch is like Arms Race a fast paced mode where you respawn instantly after death. To win you must gain the highest score within 10 minutes. Points are rewarded for every kill that is made, but the number of points you receive depends on which weapon that you used to kill the enemy as som give more than others.

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