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Introduction to Clash Royale betting

Being a game exclusive to mobile devices you may think betting on it wouldn’t be possible, but you’d be very wrong thinking so. Even though the amount of tournaments and prize pools are not comparable to most other eSport games, Clash of Royale have had a few of them held where the largest prize pool so far has been $73,000.00, giving the winner a nice $25,000.00.

There are a few eSport betting sites that have picked up on these tournaments and are actually offering the possibility to bet on Clash Royale from time to time. You’re able to find out all about the best ones by heading to the section below.

The best Clash Royale betting sites

Out of the close to 40 eSport betting sites that we at eBetFinder have reviewed and regularly pay a visit to, we have only seen a few of them offering bets on Clash Royale. Luckily, some of these places are the absolute best ones for an awesome eSports experience. Below you’ll find all of the important information that you need about these places. Should you be interested in finding out more about the most valuable welcome offers you can get for betting on Clash Royale, you’ll be able to find this further down on the page.

Arcanebet | 100% up to €100 with no minimum odds (use code: EBETFINDER)

+ Visually impressive design that is easy to navigate through
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+ Withdrawals that are usually processed within 1-4 hours during the day
+ Very fast settling times (usually as soon as the event has occurred)
+ Full and partial cash out option
+ Possibility to deposit with skins and bitcoins
+ Plenty of live streaming of matches
+ Customer support available on live chat, e-mail and phone

- Limited opening hours of support
- Poor selection of other products than eSports

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Betspawn | 100% up to €133,7 with a unique feature!

+ Impressive design that is well-structured and easy to navigate
+ Very valuable welcome offer with a unique feature
+ Bonus on your second and third deposit (50% + 25% up to €133,7)
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+ Fast settling times (instant on live, 15 min after match on pre)
+ Customer support available on live chat and e-mail
+ Possibility to deposit with skins and bitcoins
+ Profit boost bonus on combination bets
+ Plenty of live streaming of matches
+ Previous match result statistics
+ Competitions and promotions every now and then
+ Decent selection of casino games (100+ slots)

- Limited opening hours of support

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GGBET | 100% up to €50 (use code: EBF50)

+ 24/7 customer support available on live chat, e-mail and phone
+ Regular promotions (cashbacks, deposit bonuses and free bets)
+ Nice and well-structured design
+ Team information on certain matches
+ Possibility to deposit with bitcoins
+ Plenty of live streaming of matches
+ Decent selection of casino and other luck based games

- Withdrawal times could be a bit faster

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Pinnacle | High roller’s choice

+ Extremely fast withdrawals (usually automatic, with a few exceptions)
+ Incredibly high bet limits
+ Usually very good odds as their betting margins are low
+ Arbitrage betting is allowed
+ No risk of limitation as winners are welcomed
+ Mobile app for iOS and Android

- Customer support only available through e-mail
- Currently no welcome offer

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Markets for betting on Clash Royale

Even though there are a couple of sites offering bets on Clash Royale, the only market that we have currently seen being offered is match winner. Hopefully we will see some more different ones offered in the future. If so, the above mentioned sites are the ones most likely to provide this.

Why should I bet on Clash Royale?

We actually answered this question in a separate article where we listed the top 7 reasons to bet on Clash Royale! If you decide to go there, just remember not to take it too seriously as it was meant as a joke. For more straight up information, keep reading below.

The reason that people choose to place bets on Clash Royale is either because they find it highly entertaining or are looking to make some extra money. Most, including the majority of us at eBetFinder do it for pure entertainment purposes. Watching a professional match go down is of course amusing as it is, but with a bet placed on who will win the match, it’s just a whole other level of excitement. With something at stake, even though only very small amounts, you’ll find yourself more immersed into the game.

Then there are those that care nothing at all about having fun, but just want to extract as much profit as possible from each bet. As its ordinary people setting the odds at eSport betting sites, the success in making a profit partially relies on how knowledgeable this person is about the game compared to your own knowledge. They usually have a good feeling about it, but they definitely do make mistakes that can pay off. Apart from the knowledge there are a few more things that could increase the profit on betting on Clash Royale, which we have covered in the next section.

Becoming successful in betting on Clash Royale

Image of Clash Royale eSport event

What’s considered being successful in betting on Clash Royale is of course a matter of opinion, but most of us would associate it with having the majority of placed bets won. To succeed with this, the most important thing is to have a good understanding of the professional players, the game itself and previous matches from the two players.

Clash Royale does for instance have regular updates taking place with balance changes. It’s important to be aware how these changes affect the game and the professional players. Not everyone adapt as well to changes and finding weak spots in a player may be a way to secure a won bet. If it’s possible to find, you should also always look up previous match statistics between the players as this will give you a better idea of on whom you should place your bets.

If you’re not just only in it to win as many bets as possible, but to make sure that you’ll make as much money from them as you can, there’s a few other things that should also be taken into consideration. It is for instance a good idea to put aside a certain amount of money that you’ll use as a bankroll and then learn about bankroll management. This can have several positive effects, such as making it easier to set limits so that you don’t spend too much on one bet, which is very important.

It’s also a good idea to always check all of the eSport betting sites what their odds are on the match being played so that you can choose the best one. Even though the differences might seem small, this will make a big difference in the end. It’s recommended that you use an e-Wallet such as Skrill or Neteller to deposit and withdraw with as this is the fastest payment method, which makes it easy for you to move your bankroll from one eSport betting site to another.

The last thing you should consider, which can make a huge difference in the profit that you make, is to take part of bonuses that are favorable. If you’re not experienced it is of course not easy to know which bonuses actually are favorable as there in fact are those that can be to your disadvantage. To learn more about this, we have covered it in our article about bonus betting. It should however be mentioned that among the eSport betting sites that are currently offering bets on Clash Royale there are only a few bonuses to choose from. To learn more about these and find out which bonus is best, head on over to the below section.

Best bonus for betting on Clash Royale

Even though there aren’t that many eSport betting sites offering bets on Clash Royale at the moment, there is one with a very valuable welcome offer that you shouldn’t miss out. Taking part of this is the perfect way to increase your chances of making a profit. For other campaign offers that might be valuable taking part of, we also recommend checking out our bonus page where we list temporary campaign offers.

Arcanebet - 100% up to €100 with no minimum odds!

Bonus code needed: ebetfinder

At Arcanebet you’ll find a world class welcome offer that you definitely shouldn’t miss out on. It’s currently the best bonus you can get for eSports betting. This is a deposit bonus of 100% up to €100. At a first glimpse this may look like any other welcome offer, but it’s far from it.

Although the deposited amount + received bonus have to be wagered 6 times, you have no minimum odds at all required on your bets! This means that you can minimize your risks by betting on safe matches with very low odds.

As you may or may not know, any other deposit bonus you’ll come across will say that you have to place your bets on certain odds for them to count towards the wagering. Usually these odds are somewhere between 1.50 and 2.00, which can make it challenging completing the bonus.

With Arcanebet’s welcome offer you never have to think about the odds as any bets will count towards your wagering. To make things even better, you have as much as 360 days to complete the turn over. Just remember to enter the above bonus code while making your deposit.

This amazing welcome offer will guarantee an eSport betting experience started on the right foot!

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The future of Clash Royale betting

Even though there aren’t that many professional tournaments being held with large prize pools, the future for betting on Clash Royale is probably still a bright one. With more than hundred of million downloads, Clash Royale is one of the most popular games on mobile devices. As the eSport industry is constantly growing and gambling sites are becoming more and more focused on eSports, we will surely see an increase in bets offered as long as there will be tournaments hosted for the game.

eSport betting in general has been increasing more and more in popularity the past couple of years. Pinnacle is an eSport betting site that has been keeping track on their records and made them publicly available. They revealed that it took them five years to reach their first two million eSport bets. The second two million only took a year, whereas their latest predictions have been to reach five millions bets within just a year.

This exponential growth really shows how big the interest is and even though Clash Royale may currently only be a very small part of this, we will surely see more eSport betting sites offering bets on the game the more focused on eSports they become. The future is more or less all up to the amount of tournaments that are going to be hosted and if the prize pools will be high enough in these.

How betting on Clash Royale may improve the scene

With the growth in eSport that we’re currently seeing year by year, the professional Clash Royale scene will probably and hopefully grow fine by itself. As a fan of the game, we are however able to contribute to the growth not only by playing and supporting the game, but also by placing bets on it whenever it’s possible.

Sounds crazy? Well, it’s all about sponsorship deals. The more bets we place, the more signals we’re sending to the eSport betting site that there actually is a huge interest in betting on the game. If they pick up on this and they find that the interest is big enough to invest money and time in, they of course will do this so that they can reach new players and make sure that they bet at their site and not on any competitor’s.

So how do you reach out to potential bettors of the game? Well, we’re watching the streams on twitter, aren’t we? Therefore their interest would be in having their logo shown somewhere in connection with this, which can be easily done by sponsoring players. This will give the specific player and/or organization he’s playing for an economic boost, which of course also will boost the overall professional scene.

Clash Royale gameplay

Image of Clash Royale game playClash Royale is a very simple and quick, yet strategic game. It’s played head to head against another player and a match only takes a few minutes to finish. You and the opponent start on two opposite sides of a small map that is divided by a river with two bridges, one to the left and one to the right. You each have a base consisting of two towers (one in line with the left bridge and one line with the right bridge) as well as a King’s Tower in the middle. The objective of the game is to get more crowns than your opponent within a certain time limit or by gaining three crowns. Crowns are received for each tower that is destroyed. However, should you destroy the King’s tower (regardless if any other tower is destroyed), this will give you three crowns and would automatically grant you the victory.

The game starts with each player getting four random cards from an eight card deck, which has been chosen before the match started. These cards are used to attack the opponent and defend your base. Each card cost a certain amount of elixir to play, which is something that is constantly being replenished. There are three different types of cards; Troop cards, Spell cards and Building cards, as well as four levels of rarity; Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

Troop cards consist of a bunch of different troops such as Archers, Knights, Skeletons, Wizard, Ice Golems, etc, that all have unique characteristics. When such a card is played the selected troop will spawn and move towards the enemy base, killing everything in its way.

Spell cards consist of several unique spells that can be used to either boost your own troops or damage the enemy. You can for instance clone your troops, boost their movement and attack speed and damage the enemy by casting fireballs and lightning bolts.

Building cards consist of a range of different buildings that can spawn troops, increase the rate that your elixir replenishes, defend your base or damage the enemy. When playing a building card that spawn troops, this will regularly spawn troops, but lose a life every time it does and eventually be destroyed.

Image of Clash Royale chests with card rewardsBy winning and losing matches against other players, you earn and lose trophies. Trophies represent your skill ranking in the game, but will also unlock new arenas (the maps that you play on). Unlocking these arenas will give you new cards to use. New cards can also be gained from different types of chests that you can receive from winning matches, tournaments and completing challenges. There’s also a free type of chest that is gained for every four hours spent in the game. In these chests you don’t only find cards, but can also find gems and gold which are currencies that can be used to buy cards in a shop, bypass certain timers that chests may have before you can open them, to enter victory challenges or to start custom tournaments.

As you collect cards you will be able to upgrade them, making them more powerful. Common cards can be upgraded 13 times, Rare cards 11 times, Epic cards 8 times and Legendary cards 5 times. To upgrade a card, you will need a certain amount of that same card. The amount needed is exponentially increased for each time it’s upgraded.

Clash Royale game modes

Clash Royale currently has six different types of game modes that can be played; Training Camp (including training battles), Normal Battles, Friendly Battles, Victory Challenges, Draft Challenges and Custom Tournaments.

Training Camp is a tutorial and the perfect way to get to know the game if you haven’t played it before. It will teach you all the game mechanics and let you battle against an AI controlled opponent. Upon completing the tutorial you will also be rewarded with a number of chests.

Normal Battles is the base game in which you can gain and lose rank. After each match you will either be given or lose a number of trophies, where the amount is based on the gap between you and your opponent’s ranking. For every 10 crowns you win in battles you’ll be able to collect a so called crown chest.

Friendly Battles are just like normal battles, but where you battle against any of your friends for fun or training purposes. These matches do not give any chests.

Image of Clash Royale Victory Challenge game modeVictory Challenges are divided into Classic Challenge that cost 10 gems to enter and Grand Challenge that cost a 100 gems. In Victory Challenges you choose a deck and play matches against other players until you have won a total of 12 or lost a total of 3. Every time you enter a new battle you will face an opponent who has won as many times as you, so should you reach the 12th battle, you will face an opponent that has also won 11 battles. The more battles you manage to win, the better rewards will you be given.

Draft Challenges work like Victory Challenges, but with a twist. In this mode you don’t get to choose your entire deck, but each match starts with a draft. In the draft you will be given a choice of two cards. The card you choose will be given to you and the other to your opponent. This is repeated four times and as your opponent is doing the same thing, this means you will know four of his cards and he will know four of yours.

Custom Tournaments are tournaments that you can create, but that require gems. The bigger the tournament, the more gems it will cost to create, but it will also provide better rewards. In tournaments there is a trophy system to decide the ranking in the tournament, just like rank is decided for normal battles. These trophies are however not kept, but reset for every new tournament that you join.

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