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The 5 best Call of Duty betting sites

With the growing number of eSport operators offering bets on Call of Duty, you’re now able to find some really good Call of Duty betting sites for an amazing experience. The five top rated ones are Arcanebet, Bet365, Vitalbet, ggBET and Betway, which you can read more about below. Should you be interested in just finding out about the absolute best welcome offers you can get for Call of Duty, we recommend heading over to the section for the best CoD betting bonuses. You will find Arcanebet on top there as well, but will be able to read more in depth information about bonuses.

Arcanebet – A first class Call of Duty betting site

Arcane bet logo 256x150 eBetFinderArcanebet is the place to visit if you would like the most amazing welcome offer as their deposit bonus has no minimum odds to the wagering requirement. This alone makes it a great place! They also do an awesome job with providing bets on Call of Duty whenever a professional match is being played and have a visually impressive gamer design that is really easy to navigate through.

Their withdrawal and settling times are very fast and they have a lot of live streaming directly on site, as well as a full and partial cash out option. It’s one of our top rated brands and there’s a good reason for it! The only downside is that their customer support, which is available through live chat, e-mail and phone, isn’t a 24/7 one and that they don’t offer any other products than eSports.

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Bet365 – If you’re looking for a universal gambling site

Logo for Bet365Bet365 is more or less always a great place to head for some eSports actions and Call of Duty is no exception to this. If there’s a decent sized tournament going down, you’ll probably find several matches to bet on. You’ll also find a fairly valuable welcome offer to get the betting started. Just like Arcanebet, there’s a full and partial cash out option, which allows you to cash in some of your bets before the match has ended.

In addition to this, they have a 24/7 customer support available on live chat, phone and e-mail and withdrawal times that are up to standards as a withdrawal is usually processed within 24 hours. If you like switching up your betting up with casino games, you’ll find a really nice selection of more than 600 slots and several table games as well. There aren’t any real downsides to Bet365, but this place is always worth a visit.

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Vitalbet – What could be Arcanebet’s little brother

Logo for VitalbetVitalbet is a place much like Arcanebet, but with a few differences. Their eSports coverage is identical, which means that you’ll find plenty of bets on Call of Duty whenever there is a tournament being played. Their withdrawal times are also more or less the same as Arcanebet’s, which means that they are usually processed within 0-4 hours. Just like Arcanebet, you’ll find a full and partial cash out option, a lot of live streaming on site and very fast settling times as well.

Vitalbet’s difference is that their customer support is more or less available around clock. They do however not have any live chat support. If you like to gamble on other things than eSport, you’ll also find a smaller selection of casino games. Another difference worth mentioning is that Vitalbet’s welcome offer isn’t nearly as valuable as Arcanebet’s.

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ggBET – A true eSport bookie and great CoD bets site

Logo for ggBETggBET is another eSports betting site with an awesome gamer design, which will give you a visually stunning impression every time you visit to place a bet on Call of Duty. Originally they were a pure eSports betting site, only offering bets on eSport games and have therefore designed their website accordingly which is really nice. Being focused on eSport also means that their match coverage on Call of Duty is great!

They also have a 24/7 customer support on live chat, e-mail and phone, and does a great job with offering live streaming directly on their site. Although only offering eSport when it comes to bets, they have recently started to offer some casino games, such as a few slots, blackjack and roulette, which is great for those who like to mix their betting up. Their biggest downside is that they currently don’t offer any welcome bonus, but on the plus side they regularly have deposit bonuses and other campaigns.

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Betway – A giant who is taking eSports seriously

Logo for BetwayBetway is a well established eSports betting site that is very aware of the growing interest in eSports and are acting accordingly. Even though their main focus is on Dota 2, League of Legends and CS:GO, you will find them offering bets on Call of Duty from time to time. Betway are actually the ones that we have seen offering the best variety of entertaining markets on the game.

They are an overall great eSports betting site with 24/7 customer support through live chat, e-mail and phone, a cash out option and a fairly good welcome offer for Scandinavian and Germanic players. They also have a lot to bet on apart from eSports, even though their selection of casino games is not quite as a good as Bet365’s. The only real downside with Betway is that withdrawals sometimes can take up to 72 hours before they are processed.

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Now you know which CoD betting site are the best, but there is still more to learn about CoD betting. In our Call of Duty betting guide you’ll find information on how to become a succesfull bettor of the game, the future of betting on it and much more!

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