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No deposit bonuses for eSports betting

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The big guide to no deposit bonuses

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What is a no deposit betting bonus?

A no deposit bonus is an offer that some casino and betting operators hand out to their players for free, which means that you aren’t required to make a deposit of real money like you usually are when taking part of different campaign offers. Being a no deposit betting bonus simply means that the free offer can be used on betting, which isn’t always the case as there are no deposit bonuses such as free spins that can only be used on casino games.

Different types of no deposit betting bonuses

There are two different types of free offers that you’re able to receive on betting, which are very much alike each other. You can either receive free money or a so called free bet. The main difference between these two offers is that free money can be used on several different bets while a free bet is a single bet of a certain amount.

For example, if you receive €10 as free money this can be used to place 10 bets of €1 each or 2 bets of €5 each while a free bet of the same amount can only be placed on one single betting option like betting €10 that Astralis will win against FaZe Clan in CS:GO.

It should also be mentioned that even though we’re talking about betting bonuses, free money is rarely restricted to just betting, but can often be used on casino games as well, which is never the case with a free bet.

How do I receive a no deposit bonus?

Whether you’re looking for a free bet or free money, there are a few different ways to receive a no deposit bonus. If you aren’t interested in depositing any money whatsoever, you’re able to find these kinds of offers as sign up bonuses, meaning that you’ll either receive free money or a free bet just by creating an account with an eSports operator.

Sometimes it’s also possible to find a free bet with no deposit required as a temporary campaign offer that the bookmaker is currently running. These types of free bet offers are however much more common for players that do make deposits as you’re often required to deposit a certain amount to receive the free bet.

As a depositing player free bets can also be found as part of a loyalty program that the operator has, which basically means that the more you play, the more free bets you’re rewarded with. Being an active player that is regularly making deposits, it’s also possible to sometimes receive free money as a goodwill by just talking to the bookmaker’s customer support and asking for it.

How much am I able to receive?

The value of your free bet or the free money given always depends on what type of offer it is as loyal players can be rewarded with quite high amounts. However, generally speaking you can expect to find offers ranging between €1 – €20 in value.

1 euro free bet/ 1 euro no deposit bonus

A 1 euro free bet or a 1 euro no deposit bonus is always the lowest amount you’re able to receive. It’s quite rare to find this as a free bet and also as an offer in general, but if you do stumble upon one it will more or less always be free money given.

5 euro free bet / 5 euro no deposit bonus

With this offer things get a little bit more interesting, but just like the above it’s quite rare to find a 5 euro free bet. It is however much more likely to get a 5 euro no deposit bonus as free money; either as a sign up offer or more commonly as a goodwill when speaking to the support.

10 euro free bet / 10 euro no deposit bonus

Finding a 10 euro free bet is the easiest of them all as this is the most common offer you’ll come across as sign up gifts, temporary campaigns and loyalty rewards. Receiving a 10 euro no deposit bonus as free money is also quite common compared to the other offers as this is frequently handed out as a goodwill to active players and can occasionally also be found as a sign up offer.

20 euro free bet / 20 euro no deposit bonus

Receiving 20 euro as a free bet is with some exceptions the highest amount you’ll find as a sign up bonus and a temporary campaign offer. The same can be said about a 20 euro no deposit bonus as free money. However, this is rarely given as a sign up gift, but more or less only available to get by being an active player and asking the customer support for a goodwill.

Free bonus on sign up with no deposit required

No matter the amount, it should be mentioned that a free bonus on sign up with no deposit required is quite rare to find for betting and generally easier to get for casino as free spins. Even though you’re interested in betting, this free signup bonus can be a smart move to grab as once your free spins are played it’s usually possible to use the winnings on betting as well, which means that it’s more or less free money received.

Is a no deposit betting bonus always free?

Sometimes yes and sometimes no, although it actually depends on how you look at it. With a few rare exceptions you’re never required to make a deposit, which means that you’re actually able to earn and withdraw real money from your no deposit betting bonus, making a profit without ever risking anything.

However, also with a few rare exceptions, the no deposit bonus usually comes with a wagering requirement. This means that you can’t just receive free money and instantly request a cash out, but to do so you have to bet with the money a certain amount of times. It could for instance be that you have to bet the received amount 10 times and that these bets have to be placed on odds 1.60 or higher.

This makes it challenging making a withdrawal as chances are you’ll lose the entire amount before the wagering requirement is fulfilled. By placing smart bets or having a bit of luck from lady fortune it is however fully possible to become profitable and sometimes a small amount received can turn to quite a large cash out.

Wagering requirement of a free bet

In difference to free money, a free bet is quite easy to wager as you usually only have to turn over your winnings once on a certain odds. However, with a free bet you rarely receive the amount of the actual free bet as a winning, but can only profit from the net amount.

To clarify this, if you receive €10 as a free bet and use this on a bet with 1.50 in odds, you would normally receive €15 if you win. In this case, however, you will only receive €5 as the stake of the free bet itself is not included in the win.

As mentioned before, the good news is that these €5 usually only has to be wagered once on a certain amount of odds and once this is done you can cash out all of your winnings.

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