Why Shooter Fans Should Play Destiny 2

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Destiny 2 is a far-future MMO shooter where humanity confronts alien invaders and explores other planets and new lands.

The player will have to choose a game class, study the game history, challenge numerous bosses, participate in large-scale raids and strikes, and try out one of the most interesting PVP modes – Trial of Osiris. Ordering destiny 2 boosting from professional players will help you get to the level required to open battle modes between players, which will save you from having to upgrade your hero on your own.

Three Classes, but a Large Choice of Character Development

In Destiny 2, you can choose one of three classes, but thanks to the subclass system, you can develop one of its key areas and make the character effective for farming, or PVP.

Titan is a defensive type warrior and marksman that can be effective as a defensive class and offensive semi-damage dealer if properly trained. The Titan remains tanky and absorbs the most damage better than any other class and wields a defensive shield, ranged weapons, and steel fists in close combat.

Warlock – a shooter who knows how to use magical skills in various directions. Depending on the chosen path of character development, the Warlock can become either a strong AoE character, a strong farmer and PVP unit, or a healing and strengthening class via skills that restore the health of party members. No raid is complete without a warlock as a defensive or offensive class.

The Hunter is a ranged shooter who can use disguises, melee daggers, and various rifles with increased damage. It's the most popular class in terms of game statistics and is effective in PVP and in raids. It can be developed into a full-fledged sniper, or an offensive shooter, dealing a lot of damage at medium or long distances.

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Optimal Class Development Options

Titan is lightning. By choosing a lightning subclass, you can turn a strong defensive class into a semi-damage dealer. Lightning will allow the titan to deal damage to all targets that will approach him in order to knock down the protective barrier. Lightning will deal magical damage to targets and greatly increase the potential of the titan in all types of farming and PvP.

Warlock is a void. The Warlock is a strong offensive class with powerful AoE damage potential if it evolves into damage rather than healing. The void will help to significantly increase all types of magical attacks and greatly increase the level of damage against mass targets, which will greatly affect the passage of raids and participation in PVP.

Hunter is the sun. The power of the sun allows you to concentrate energy to deal heavy damage to a single target. A hunter with this build will be able to effectively deal a lot of damage to armored targets in PvP and deal increased damage to bosses in raids.

Farm and Raids

In Destiny 2, there are many activities related specifically to shooting, and the main mechanics are based on this.

Players will have to exterminate monsters to complete quests and farm special ammo that enhances the weapons' abilities.

Raids and strikes are a type of activity in which players enter the lair of a boss in order to exterminate all its inhabitants and defeat the main enemy, from which weapons, armor and consumables can be obtained as loot. Glitter as the main currency will drop from regular monsters.

Strike is a simplified version of a raid, where three players are needed for a successful raid. The raids vary in their level of difficulty. The most difficult – the mythical raids – will require at least 15 people for a guaranteed clear. You can challenge them with fewer allies, but you need to be a master of your class in order to not fail the raid.

As a reward, players will receive various equipment, including the legendary one – the best in the game.

PVP Component

In all online MMOs, the main aspect of character development and enhancement is built for PvP modes.

The ability to fight against other players and emerge victorious from skirmishes motivates players to spend many hours strengthening their character and obtaining the best equipment and weapons.

Destiny 2 has implemented its own PVP system, which is based on a chain of victories and, depending on a player's result, a seasonal reward is issued.

To get a series of victories, you should pay attention to the following tips:

  1. Use Grenades – Noise and attack grenades are excellent at piercing enemies behind cover and damaging enemy titans if thrown over a shield or used on the flanks.
  1. Include classes in your team that have the opportunity to hold the defense, heal and strengthen and deal damage from a distance.
  1. Try the two titans and hunter tactic. At first glance, it may seem that the decision is controversial, but the titans will withstand most of the damage, and the hunter will be able to shoot targets from a distance, avoiding melee.
  1.  Avoid abandoning the tank – the first seconds of a confrontation will be a battle between tanks and an exchange of damage from attacking shooters. If you do not have a tank, then half of your actions will be interrupted by the enemy defender, while the enemy arrows will already deal you a lot of damage.
  1. Be organized and coordinated, use cover and suppressive fire techniques where all three members of the group shoot in the same direction to block the enemy's actions. Communicate and act wisely – do not rush ahead. If possible – destroy the enemy shooters and only then deal with the tank. If this is not possible, then look for a way to neutralize the tank with grenades, or bypass it.
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The Trial of Osiiris has a seasonal reward, and often these are legendary weapons and equipment. To get it you have to win 3, 5 and 7 matches in a row. In case of defeat, the counter will be knocked down, but do not be upset – the matches go quickly and if you make an effort, then gradually you will be able to receive the best reward for 7 victories in a row.

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