What Does BM Mean in Gaming – All You Need to Know!

What Does BM Mean in Gaming

You may have pulled off a funny one-liner in a game or bragged about your godlike match performance just to get met by someone dropping the “BM” bomb. So what does BM mean in gaming? It’s a gaming acronym that stands for “Bad Manner”.

If someone replied to you with BM in a game, they were simply saying that you are behaving in a disrespectful way or that you are doing something that isn’t very sportsmanlike. Alternatively you are playing an MMORPG and someone is referring to a “Black Mage” as this could also be the meaning of BM. Not to mention the Broodmother hero in Dota 2.

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What Types of BM are There in Games?

These days people seem butt hurt of just about anything so you may very well see the BM card being pulled way more often than it should – at least so compared to what it used to be liked. But there are definitely BMs in games that are accounted for. Sometimes it even goes far beyond bad manners, which are people we like referring to as über-retards.

Anyhow, if we were to sum up the types of BMs in video games the list would look something like this:

  • Purposely feeding the enemy team
  • Killing your own team mates
  • Constantly whining / being negative
  • Not congratulating your opponent for winning
  • Rubbing in a victory on an opponent
  • Dragging out a game on purpose
  • Calling someone an idiot/retard/you name it
  • Cheating
  • Leave game or go AFK when losing

Which Video Games Have Most BM?

Most competitive video games have a lot of BM. The toxicity is unfortunately strong within this world. Some games do, however, seem to be over representative of bad manners. Some of the worst ones include:

  • Hearthstone
  • League of Legends
  • Dota 2

Speaking from my own personal experience, it’s actually difficult to have a good game going in Dota 2 because of all the in-game BM. As far as I know it is considered one of the worst games (along with League of Legends) as people constantly bash on each other; call them useless and morons.

What Can I Do About Bad Manners?

There’s usually not a ton you can do. If we’re talking about verbal assault the best thing is to mute the player. With a testosterone filled body it is very tempting to argue back, but for the sake of the game and your own entertainment that rarely leads to anything good. Muting a player solves the problem. If we’re talking about other types of BM, reporting the player is probably the only option.

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