What do eSport enthusiasts gamble on?

What do eSport enthusiasts gamble on?

As you may or may have not noticed yourself there is a bit of a notion that we who can’t get enough of eSports are somewhat different to other gamblers. That we are hardcoded nerds that only binge watch and bet on professional teams playing video games. But is this really the case? Well, sometimes it is *pointing at myself*, but for the most part it couldn’t be further from the truth. So what are eSport enthusiasts gambling on except for video games? Let’s take a look!


While many of you who are reading may not even know what cricket is, this is the most popular sport in India – a country that makes up about a seventh of the world’s entire population. With eSports being popular all around the globe it’s pretty clear that a huge amount of eSport enthusiasts are betting on cricket as well. They may be centered in one place, but they are undoubtedly many.

Horse racing

Comparing eSports with horse racing is pretty much like comparing apples to a cup of coffee. It makes no sense as there is little similarity between the two of them. Or is there? Well a common denominator is actually an American person. The US is considered to be in the top when it comes to eSports and is home to many outstanding teams such as Team Liquid.

But it’s not only eSports that is big in America – so is horse racing. The Kentucky Derby, which is an annual event running in September, is for instance highly anticipated. All sorts of Americans will bench in front of the TV to watch these races go down and place one or two bets on the Kentucky Derby 2020 contenders. Among these people we do of course find a lot of eSport fanatics as well.


Perhaps not as common in the eastern part of the world, but in Europe and North America poker and eSports seem to go very well hand in hand. A plausible explanation for this may be the complexity that both gambling options have to offer. Many eSports have several layers of advanced strategy and so does Texas Hold’em. It’s not just about playing the cards you’ve been dealt, but playing the player.


Whether we’re talking about slot machines, table games or video pokers playing casino online has been on the rise for over a decade and made its way to most households. It’s interesting because it seems like no matter what type of person or gambler you are resisting the simple yet action packed entertainment from casino games is nearly impossible. If there’s one thing that video game lovers and eSport bettors gamble on more than anything else (perhaps even more than eSports) it is casino.

Is there anything that eSport enthusiasts don’t gamble on?

Not really. After all we’re just ordinary people, right? However, in general traditional sports that are usually incredibly popular such as soccer, tennis and ice-hockey aren’t exactly the most appreciated among those who are into the professional scene of video games. If asked what they would be most likely to gamble on these sports would probably not come to mind very often.

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