Video Game Acronyms – the Complete Guide for Noobs


Looking to gain status in the world of gaming and grow your e-penis to enormous lengths? To do so it is not enough to be a skilled player but you have to know the video gaming abbreviations by heart. In other words, the weird set of letters that all of us nerds frequently use to describe something as we’re way too lazy (and smart!) to type something in its entirety.

A game acronym or abbreviation is simply a short form of a game related word or phrase. In this article we have gathered and explained more or less all of the video game acronyms that you need to know to become the John Holmes of nerds – verbally screwing the entire world of gaming.

Full List of Gaming Abbreviations and Their Meaning

Knowledge is power. Enjoy our full list of video game acronyms and no one will call you a noob ever again. For convenience sake all of the abbreviations have been sorted in alphabetical order.

  • 1V1 – One Versus One. One player facing off against another in a match.
  • AAA – Triple A Game. A game that is of very high quality – best of the best.
  • AFK – Away From Keyboard. Typed when going away from your computer or to explain that you were away.
  • AOE – Area Of Effect. Some kind of ability that does damage or adds an effect to multiple players/enemies as opposed to a single.
  • ARPG – Action Role Playing Game. A fast paced role playing game such as Diablo 2 or Path of Exile.
  • ARTS – Action Real Time Strategy. A strategy game with fast paced mechanics such as Starcraft.
  • BM – Bad Manners. Used to describe an action that is disrespectful or unsportsmanlike. Read more here.
  • BRB – Be Right Back. Indicating that you’re going away and will be back shortly – either in game or in real life.
  • CC – Crowd Control. Most commonly used in MMORPGs to describe an ability that keeps multiple enemies in check.
  • CCG – Collectible Card Game. A type of stratgy game that is played with cards. For instance Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone.
  • CD – Cooldown. When an ability cannot be used because it has a recast timer it is on cooldown.
  • CO-OP – Cooperative. A game where players work together to achieve a goal whatever it may be.
  • CTF – Capture The Flag. A popular game mode in many FPS games where players must capture a flag and return to their base.
  • CS – Creep Score. A term used in MOBA games (such as Dota 2) to keep track of creeps that have been killed or denied.
  • DEX – Dexterity. Used mainly in role playing games as an attribute that often affects evasion rating and ranged damage.
  • DLC – Downloadable Content. Content to a game that can be purchased for free or be bought. For instance, an additional character or a skin.
  • DMG – Damage. Simply the physical or magical harm done to an enemy or other player.
  • DOT – Damage Over Time. An ability that causes physical or magical harm for a longer period of time.
  • DOTA – Defense Of The Ancients. A very popular MOBA game originally released as a mod to WC3.
  • DPS – Damage Per Second. A value indicating how much damage you are doing per second.
  • ESPORTS – Electronic Sports. Video gaming played on a competitive and professional level with real money prizes at stake.
  • F2P – Free To Play. A game that doesn’t cost any money to play.
  • FOV – Field Of Vision. A term used to describe how much of the game you can see on your screen. Field of vision can often be changed under graphical settings.
  • FPC – Full Perfect Combo. Used with rhytmic games to describe perfection (no mistakes) in a song level.
  • FPS (alt.1) – First Person Shooter. A shooter game where your character is seen from a first person perspective (you can’t see the character, just the weapon).
  • FPS (alt.2) – Frames Per Second. FPS can also mean frames per seconds which is a value that shows you the frequency which images appear on your display.
  • GG – Good Game. This is customary to write after a match has gone down or a boss beaten in a game.
  • GGWP – Good Game Well Played. Same as above, but written if you want to be extra friendly and commend your allies gameplay.
  • GLHF – Good Luck Have Fun. Written before a match starts as a way to set a nice ton for the game.
  • HC – Hardcore. A gameplay option commonly found in action RPGs. If your character dies it’s dead forever.
  • HP – Health Points. This indicates the amount of life on your character.
  • HUD – Heads-Up Display. This is part of the user-interface where things such as your character’s abilities and life are displayed.
  • IMBA – Imbalanced. Used to express that an ability or character is more powerful than it should be in relation to other, or just an expression that something is really good.
  • INT – Intelligence. An attribute most commonly used in RPGs which can improve your mana points, magic damage dealt and interaction with NPCs.
  • IRL – In Real Life. An important word to distinguish what’s spoken about in the reality which is surrounding the computer screen and what’s spoken about in-game.
  • JRPG – Japanese Role Playing Game. A role playing game originating from Japan, which is often different to western RPGs.
  • K/D – Kills Per Death. A value that tells how many kills you have had for each death.
  • L2P – Learn To Play. Another way of saying that someone sucks at a game.
  • LOL (alt.1) – Laughing Out Loud. A term used to describe something thats really funny.
  • LOL (alt.2) – League of Legends. A game crowned as the most popular MOBA in the world.
  • LOS – Line Of Sight. Often used as a term in real time strategy games, line of sight describes how far something can be seen. Also in RPGs, If there is no line of sight between two characters, they can’t interact.
  • MAG – Magic. Also known as mana, this is a resource used to cast abilities and spells in role playing games.
  • META – Most Effective Tactic Available. Simply the character build, item choice or strategy that is most powerful at the moment.
  • MMO – Massive Multiplayer Online. This describes any game where a large number of people interact with each other online.
  • MMOFPS – Massive Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter. A first person shooter game where a large number of people play together.
  • MMOG – Massive Multiplayer Online Game. Same thing as MMO.
  • MMORPG – Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. A role playing game that is set in a world with a large amount of players, such as World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy 14.
  • MMR – Match Making Ranking. A value that indicates your skill level in competitive games such as Counter Strike and Dota 2.
  • MOBA – Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. A fast paced strategy game with RPG elements. Players control a hero with abilities that grow stronger and face off against other players in matches. Examples are Dota 2 and League of Legends.
  • MP (alt.1) – Multiplayer. Indicating that the game is played with several real players as opposed to being played solo.
  • MP (alt.2) – Mana Points. A resource often used by mages in RPGs to cast spells.
  • MOD – Modification. Some kind of extension to a game that makes it different in one way or another.
  • MSQ – Main Scenario Quest. Used in Final Fantasy 14 (and possibly other games) to describe the quest required to complete to progress.
  • MVP – Most Valued Player. A player in a game that has performed the best in a match or tournament.
  • NPC – Non-Player Character. Simply a character in a game that isn’t a real person.
  • OMG – Oh My God. An expression of astonishment.
  • OP – Overpowered. A term to describe something that is too strong compared to other choices or just an expression to say that something is really good.
  • P2W – Pay To Win. A term described to explain that a game allows it’s players to purchase various stuff for real money, which allows them to beat players that don’t pay.
  • PK – Player Kill. This is the act of killing other players in a game, which is often done in MMORPGs.
  • POG – Play Of The Game. Frequently used on Twitch to describe how good a move was.
  • PVE – Player Versus Environment. As opposed to PVP, this means that players fight against computer controlled enemies.
  • PVP – Player Versus Players. As opposed to PVE, this means that players fight against each other.
  • QA – Quality Assurance. A game developer term used to describe the process of making games better, such as finding glitches and bugs.
  • ROFLMAO – Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off. Used by hardcore gamers to express something incredibly funny.
  • ROI – Return Of Investment. Mostly used as an economical term by companies to describe how much money they have made in relationship to their investment. Can also be used in games when trading. For instance the “ROI of farming and selling these items is great”.
  • RPG – Role Playing Game. A game where players take the role of characters and usually level up to become stronger with more powerful abilities.
  • RTS – Real Time Strategy. A type of game where resources are often gathered to build bases and train units to defeat the opponent. Something that happens without any pauses.
  • SC (alt.1) – Softcore. The opposite of hardcore difficulty in games. It usually means that you have unlimited lives with your character. It never permanently dies.
  • SC (alt.2) – StarCraft. One of the most popular RTS games of all time.
  • SIM – Simulation. A type of game that simulates reality, such as Sims 4.
  • SP – Single Player . The opposite of multiplayer. You are playing alone against the computer without any real players.
  • STA – Stamina. A resource often used to run faster or to cast certain abilities.
  • STR – Strength. A stat attribute often used in role playing games. It tends to affect a characters physical damage with melee weapons and sometimes maximum hp.
  • TBS – Turn Based Strategy. Same as RTS, but the game takes place in turns which eliminates the factor of having to act fast. An example is Heroes of Might and Magic.
  • TD – Tower Defense. A popular type of game where players build various types of towers to defend against rounds of enemies.
  • TDW – Tower Defense Wars. Much like Tower Defense, but here players compete against each other solo or in teams by sending enemies over to each other.
  • TGC – Trading Card Game. Same as collectible card game – a strategy game played with cards.
  • TPS – Third Person Shooter. A shooter game where your character is fully seen as opposed to only the weapon being visible.
  • UP (alt.1) – Underpowered. A term to describe a character or ability that is weaker than it should be, thus not balanced correctly.
  • UP (alt.2) – Upgrade. Term sometimes used to describe that an item, units or characters needs an improvement. “You should up it”.
  • VIT – Vitality. A common stat attribute in RPG games that affects a characters maximum hp and sometimes stamina.
  • WC3 – Warcraft 3. One of the most acclaimed strategy games of all time with plenty of entertaining custom modes.
  • WTF – What The Fuck. A term to express something that wasn’t expected.
  • XP – Experience Points. Points that are usually gained from killing enemies, used to level up your character.

Gaming Related Terms That Are Similar To Game Acronyms

While the below terms aren’t gaming acronyms per se you will never become no John Holmes of gaming if you do not learn them. These could very well save you from dying of embarrassment one day. You can thank us later.

  • ADDS – Additional Enemies. Often used in MMORPGs to describe when new enemies appear in a fight.
  • AGGRO – Hate. A term often used in MMORPGs, which basically means the likelihood of an enemy attacking you. If you got aggro, an enemy is on you.
  • BUFF (alt.1) – Beneficial Effect. Buff is used to describe an ability that improves a character in a game (often role playing game).
  • BUFF (alt.2) – Upgrade. Buff can also be used to describe a general improvement. For instance a character getting stronger from a patch update.
  • DEBUFF – Detrimental Effect. Some kind of ability that either removes a buff or adds a negative buff to a character (like lowering damage or defense).
  • FARMING – Not Goat Related. Definitely not. Farming means repeatedly doing an action in a game to grow stronger or become richer.
  • FEED – Consistently Dying. Used in team-based games where a player or team gets stronger when someone dies all the time. “Stop feeding you moron”.
  • NERF – Downgrade. Nerfing something means making it less powerful. For instance a certain ability got nerfed in a patch update.
  • NOOB – Newbie. Either used to describe someone that is new to something or used offensively to say that someone sucks.
  • OMEGALUL – Funny As Hell. Basically a nerdier way of saying lol.
  • PWNED – Owned. A cooler way of saying that someone got butt-fucked in a game.
  • ÖPÖ – Mistype of LOL. Used by retard swedes who can’t get their fingers right on the keyboard.

That’s it folks! If you aren’t getting all of the hottest chicks after learning these amazing gaming abbreviations, we are sorry to say but nothing can help you. It was a good game though, well played!

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