Three rock bands based on the motifs of which the slots are produced

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Games and music have been successfully cooperating for many years. Today, online slots are discovering the power and beauty of music. You'll find more music slots featuring songs by famous artists and bands. In this article, we share what our search for musical themes in mobile slots at Сanadian casinos online led to.

The Guns N’ Roses Video Slot

Rolling Stone magazine named Guns N' Roses as one of the 100 most influential musicians of all time. They ranked Axl, Duff, Slash and Co. 92nd in their famous ranking.

Slash and Axl probably had their best moments in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Although there have been many reunions with various bands and some very impressive live shows since then, the spirit of those days has never returned.

The intro to the slot already gets your heart beating faster than any live band. It has 20 lines and five reels. Even more impressive is the open-air scene that appears in the background. The bonus round in the form of a vinyl record is particularly successful.

Megadeth Slot

Music insiders still debate whether Dave Mustaine's decision to quit Metallica in order to form Megadeth was the right one. Although it was not the most profitable commercially, Megadeth has sold over 25 million albums since its inception. Some of these have even been certified platinum.

You can now hear their technically unique songs and perfectly matched riffs in a music slot. Megadeth slot machine was the first dedicated slot to a metal band.

This slot is easy to play, no matter how Megadeth-loving you may be. The slot has five reels and includes symbols such as plectrum guitars, speaker boxes and drums. There is also a Megadeth logo.

Megadeth's love of gambling can be seen in the cover for their album “Capitol Punishment: The Megadeth Years”, which is designed in the shape of a roulette board.

Motorhead Slot

Motorhead fans were shocked to hear that Ian Kilmister, the legendary lead singer of Motorhead, had died in 2015.

Motorhead was founded in the UK in 1975 and enjoyed a certain outlaw status right from the start. They were considered to be a link between punk and metal in the late 1970s.

The Motorhead slot's playlist from NetEnt features songs such as Ace of Spades and Iron Fist. Motorhead's theme, the slot machine is dominated by dark colors and the background features a large stage. There are five reels and a total 76 paylines. The symbols have been modified to reflect the band's identity. 

You can experience the band's magic once more by listening to their last studio album, “Bad Magic”. You can find a cover of David Bowie’s “Heroes” on it. Bowie, yes… but that's another story.


All three of these slot machines are perfectly immersed in a musical atmosphere. Playing mobile slots at home, you can easily feel like a biker who stopped in a rock bar and decided to play a classic slot machine, while the speakers are coming from the songs of Motorhead, Megadeth or Guns N' Roses.

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