The Evolution of Live Casinos: From Land-Based to Mobile

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The digital revolution transformed the way people gamble. Where once land-based casinos were the only gambling hubs in town, now players have the option to go online as well.

As more and more of the industry has gone digital, the variety of games on offer has increased. Not only that, the offerings of online casinos have evolved to incorporate more live elements.

Now, you can access games with live dealers or hosts from your computer or mobile. From Lightning Roulette to Crazy Time there are now many different online live casino games and formats to choose from.

Let’s take a look back at just how live casino has evolved since the general shift towards computer and mobile gaming.

Land-Based Live Casino

With the exception of slot machines, all the games in a traditional, land-based casino involve live dealers or hosts. For most of their history, casinos were purely physical spaces staffed with friendly staff who manage the tables.

Back in the days before computerization, every card deck needed shuffling and dealing by hand. This did mean that there was a greater risk of foul play, with dealers primed to watch out for weighed dice or card counters.

The Jump Online

When casinos began exploring online offerings in the early 1990s, these early games were entirely digital. Graphics and processing capabilities weren’t quite what they are now, so games had to stick to a simpler style of presentation.

Live casino games didn’t make the move online until the 2000s rolled around. This was when the technology started to fall into place to make online live dealer games possible.

Higher Internet speeds and improved video streaming technology were ultimately the crux of bringing live casino games to our screens. As the gameplay experience needs to be as smooth as possible, choppier connections and pixelated visuals were simply not an option.

Greater Transparency

As popular as the convenience of online gaming became, its appeal was still limited thanks to worries over the fairness of the invisible computer running the show. Being able to see physical cards, dice or a Roulette wheel can make a big difference to a player’s sense of confidence in the game.

As online casinos brought in more live dealer games, this offered players the chance to opt for a more transparent live experience. With multiple cameras tracking all parts of the game, you can always be confident that you’ll have a full overview of the action.

Increased streaming bandwidths and stronger Internet connections also allowed live casino games to go mobile. Rather than just being restricted to computer screens, games could stream directly to mobile phones, boosting the popularity of the format even further.

Live casino games have had a serious transformation in the last few decades. Far from falling behind in the move online, live dealers have become a major fixture of many online casino offerings today.

As technology continues to develop, what else could be in store for live casino games? With the rise of virtual reality (VR) and other innovations, we’re sure to see the format continue to evolve.

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