The Big How to Guide on Gameplay in Dota 2

how to gameplay dota 2

In the following guide we have answered commonly asked questions about the gameplay in Dota 2.

How to Surrender in Dota 2

A match that you’re playing is obviously lost and now you want to surrender to make the misery as short as possible? Unless you’re playing a tournament you actually can’t. Valve is yet to implement a feature where voting to forfeit is a possibility. This leaves you with two options – staying idle in the fountain or rage quitting. The latter comes with a penalty so we definitely don’t recommend this!

If your team wants to forfeit in a tournament, all you have to do is saying so in the chat. This is most commonly done by typing “GG”.

Why Isn’t It Possible to Forfeit in Dota 2?

Good question, though the answers are many. Here are some of the reasons why it probably isn’t a good idea to include a surrender vote in Dota 2:

  • The feature would be abused by stacks who give up for little reason, leaving the player or players that aren’t part of the stack with a really poor experience
  • People would give up more frequently even though comebacks happen all the time
  • Those who vote no to forfeit are likely to get reported by their teammates

There are of course positives too with having a surrender option, but the downsides probably outweigh these. At least this is what Valve seems to be thinking.

How to Pause in Dota 2

Pausing any game in Dota 2 is simply done by pressing the [F9] key per default. If the default key has been changed you can go to settings and then hotkeys to check the pause key and to set the pause option to whatever key you would like to.

Unless a player has disconnected from a game, any pause can be instantly revoked by a player who presses the pause key. Thus, if you need to take a piss, grab your pizza from the home delivery guy or put out your cat that has set itself on fire, you want to pause followed by a quick disconnect. This is the only way to ensure that the game will be paused for several minutes.

How to Roll in Dota 2

If we’re talking about the invisible dice that can be thrown in a game, rolling is done by typing /roll in the chat. A random value of 0 – 100 will then be displayed. If you’d like to, you can change the roll values. For instance, if you want the dice to be rolled from 40 – 270 you simply type /roll 40-270.

If rolling isn’t your thing, you can also flip a coin by typing /flip and either heads or tails will be shown as a message. Unlike rolling, the flip values cannot be changed.

Using the roll or flip feature is great whenever there is a dispute between players about the lanes or roles that should be played. It was especially great when it wasn’t possible to queue for a particular role, which it is today.

An alternative way of rolling in Dota 2 is playing Pangolier. Just use his ultimate and roll as much as you’d like to! Ps. we’re joking.

How to Deny Creeps in Dota 2

Denying creeps in Dota 2 is all about getting the last hit that kills them, which will prevent the enemy team from gaining gold and experience (or at least as much as they usually would).

There are two ways of denying creeps in Dota 2. You can either use the force attack button (this is the [A] key per default) and then left click the creep whenever its hp is low.

An alternative way is right clicking the creep. However, for this to work you need to enable the Right-Click to Force Attack option. This is done by going to settings and then options.

How to Swap Heroes in Dota 2

Swapping heroes with a player can either be done during the picking phase or shortly after the match has begun. The process is similar regardless when you do it.

To swap heroes pre-game you need to wait for the strategy time to count down (this happens after picking is done). After that, simply right click on the player’s hero portrait and select swap hero.

To swap heroes in-game you do the same thing. However, you need to do it from the scoreboard menu (the one with several vertical lines). Open it up, right click the hero portrait and select swap.

How to Map Ping in Dota 2

Pinging the map is done by holding the [ALT] key and then left clicking the map. Wherever you click a ping will appear which can be used to notify your teammates about important things. For instance, a ping on Roshan could mean “someone please check if the enemy is killing Roshan”.

It’s possible to draw on the map as well, which is done by holding the [CTRL] key and then holding down the left mouse button while dragging your mouse over the map.

Per default the time that a ping will be visible on the map is 3 seconds. If you’d like to change this to another value, it can be done through the console. To learn how, check out our guide about the Dota 2 console.

How to Camera Lock in Dota 2

There are two types of camera locking in Dota 2. If you want the camera to be locked so that it isn’t possible to move it when your mouse enters the borders of your screen, you can enable this feature by disabling Edge Pan. This is done by going to settings and then options in the game. Under the camera tab you will find a box to tick or untick Edge Pan. Unticking it will have the camera locked.

With Edge Pan turned off you will still be able to move the camera by using your keyboard arrows, by clicking on the map and by clicking on your hero’s portrait. However, we do not recommend playing this way as a key factor of being good at Dota 2 is being observative. With the camera locked it is very difficult to use abilities on your opponents and having an understanding of what’s happening.

Another way of locking the camera in Dota 2 is having it centered on your hero. While you can’t have this feature permanently activated, there are two ways that you can make the camera follow your hero. You can either left click on your hero’s portrait and hold down the mouse button or bind your hero to a specific key and then hold down the key that you have bound it to.

The second alternative is the most convenient. For instance, if you bind your hero to the [1] key and hold this down, you can move your hero around while the camera stays locked on it.

How to Bind Units to a Key in Dota 2

Binding a hero or any other unit in Dota 2 is easily done by following these three steps:

  1. Mark the unit or units you want to bind to a key
  2. Hold down the [CTRL] key
  3. Press the key you want your unit or units bound to

For instance, if you mark your hero and hold down [CTRL] while pressing [1] your hero will be bound to the [1] key. So whenever you press [1] your hero will be marked and if you double tap the button the camera will instantly move to your hero.

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