Top 5 richest eSport players

Richest eSport players

Who are they and what do they play?

The year is 2017 and we’ve just passed half of it. E-Sports is bigger than ever before and more and more gamers around the globe are making their dream career come true. These are exciting times to be alive as young people today are able to become pros and make a living playing games. The money within the eSport industry is astronomical and everyone wants a piece of the pie. We’ve start seeing special classes and universities popping up to teach students about eSports, which is quite amazing.

If we were to bring out our magical crystal ball to witness the future, surely we would see a strong eSports economy with a huge number of people with different skill sets who are flourishing from it. The eSports pros will probably always be amongst the top off this expanding pyramid.

For every new year we see more and more people being able to live and make a career from eSports, but which players are the richest of the richest making a living off the industry? What games are they playing, how old are they and how much money do they actually make?

This is a question that often comes to mind when topics such as eSport earnings and eSport winnings come up. It’s interesting fact for a lot of people since becoming rich of playing games is a dream every gamer can relate to. Let’s have a look at who the richest eSport players on the planet are from a prize money perspective.

Saahil1) Saahil “UNiVeRsE” Arora – $ 2,802,796.47

Mr Universe was born October 11, 1989 in the US and is currently ranked as the number one richest eSports player from a prize money perspective. His winnings are coming from Dota 2 where he is currently playing in the team Evil Geniuses. His first tournament cash win was back in 2011, whereas the biggest year for Saahil was 2015 as he managed to accumulate an incredible amount of prize money, a total of $1,730,076.34! All in all UNiVeRsE has won a total of $2,802,796.47 from 63 different tournaments.


The average pro tournament for Saahil is worth: $44,488.00.

Peter2) Peter “ppd” Danger – $ 2,628,120.36

Mr Ppd was born November 2, 1991 in the US and is currently ranked as the second richest eSports player from a prize money perspective. Peter is a Dota 2 player and got his first share of a cash prize back in 2012. Since then he has managed to collect quite an amount! Peter “ppd” Danger plays in the team Evil Geniuses together with “UNiVeRse” and it is therefore to no surprise that they share the same biggest prize pool from 2015. However, a more interesting fact is that Peter has played fewer tournaments than Saahil with a total of 57. This actually puts him on a higher average value than UNiVeRse.


The average pro tournament for Peter is worth: $46,107.00

Smuail EG earnings3) Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan – $ 2,483,632.14

Mr Sumail was born February 13, 1999, in Pakistan and is currently ranked as the third richest eSport player from a prize money perspective. Sumail started his Dota 2 career in Pakistan where he had to travel a great distance to one of the internet cafes he was playing at. He didn’t have his own computer at the time and it actually wasn’t until he later moved to the US and also joined the strong force of Evil Geniuses that he got his own pure gaming machine. Just like his teammates, Sumail’s biggest wins come from the year 2015. Since then he has managed to accumulate an impressive $2,483,632 in only 32 tournaments. That’s not too bad of a buck for his invested time in the game, now is it?


The average pro tournament for Sumail is worth: $77,613.00

EG Fear4) Clinton “Fear” Loomis – $ 2,383,155.64

Mr Fear was born February 19, 1988 in the US and us currently ranked as the fourth richest eSports player from a prize money perspective. Clinton is one of the older players in Evil Geniuses and collected his first prize money all the way back in 2008. To date Clinton has collected an impressive $2,383,155.64 in a total of 58 tournaments. As he is also a Dota 2 player from the same team as the previous players, he has a similar winning history as his team mates where the biggest wins come from 2015.


The average pro tournament for Clinton is worth: $41,088.00

iceice team random5) Li “iceice” Peng – $ 1,998,558

Mr Iceice was born in China and is currently ranked as the fifth richest eSports player from a prize money perspective. Yet again it’s a Dota 2 player, but this time it isn’t Evil Geniuses that’s the team, but Li is playing for the Chinese team, Team Random. Li started to collect prize money in 2015 and has since then won the incredible Dota 2 championship, The International in 2016 which gave him a total $ 1,923,666 from that year alone. Mr Li definitely has a strong future ahead of him and it’s going to be a pleasure following his accomplishes.


The average pro tournament for Li is worth: $95,170.00

Dota 2 is the most profitable game to date

With the enormous prize pools that are offered in Dota 2, it’s not that surprisingly that five of the five richest eSport players by prize money are players of the game. Dota 2 is definitely the most profitable game with the highest potential of making a gamer a millionaire. The largest prize pool to date in a tournament is the world championship of 2016 where a total of €20 million were up for grabs. Not only are the prize pools high, but it’s a fantastic game with advanced game mechanics that gives it an incredibly high skill cap.

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