Malta Cyber Series 3 – Back to Basics

Malta Cyber Series 3 – Back to Basics

The eBetFinder crew went to Malta to experience the rise of the eSport culture in one of the world’s smallest countries. Malta is a tiny island in the middle of the sunny Medditerean sea with a population just above 400,000 people. The Cyber Series was an event that featured 130 hungry eSports enthusiasts who can’t wait to put Malta on the world map of professional eSports. Check out the video!

Meet the Maltese eSport pioneers

In the video, we get to meet the League of Legends team “Salty Crackers” who just shared their first LAN event together as a team. We’re talking to one of the masterminds behind the event, Kirsten from GMR Entertainment who shares his passion for eSports and Malta.

We also take a closer look at two League of Legends competitors, “Event Horizon” and “Integrity Gaming”. We speak to the rivaling team captains of each team, Chris and Steve and find out that they have big ambitions of making it as professional eSport players.

Even though they are about to play against each other in a tournament with a prize pool of €5,000 worth of hardware, we could easily tell that there is nothing but good vibes between the two. They are excited and hopeful to see Malta as a future eSports nation.

Check out the video and experience how eSports bring the people of Malta together. Although a tiny country, don’t be surprised if any of these teams come and turn the professional eSport scene upside down one day. One thing is for sure; if an eSport team from this country will grow to compete in the big leagues, the whole Maltese nation will wholeheartedly support them!

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