iGaming and Analyzing Odds of Winning

iGaming and Analyzing Odds of Winning

Since the legalization of betting and gambling, the term iGaming has been gaining popularity. Many confuse it with internet/online gaming. It does relate to gaming to some extent, but any kind of online betting on the outcome of a game, sports, e-sports, or online casino is known as iGaming.

Technology is continually evolving, tastes are changing, and new tools and events are emerging in the iGaming industry. A major difference between iGaming and traditional gambling is that iGaming depends entirely on technology, for instance, betting online on a soccer match.

As opposed to online gambling, traditional gambling involves playing poker with friends and placing real money bets or going to a land-based casino dressed properly.

A Brief History of iGaming

iGaming can be associated with online gambling. So, history will not stretch much back. It was first introduced around 1994 when the first web browsers with built-in security protocols emerged, and several countries relaxed their business laws to allow the operation of online casinos.

Analyzing Odds of a Game

You have a wide variety of choices of sports, online casinos, e-sports, fantasy sports, and much more available on the web. Analyzing every game is impossible, so you must filter out the options upon your liking and interests.

Choosing quality over quantity will make more money in iGaming. Several factors determine the odds of a game in sports betting or any other online betting. Just remember that some games, such as casino are luck-based and purely rely on chance.

Importance of Timing

Making your decision as early as possible is beneficial in online betting, but you have to do your research. The odds may look lucrative at first glance, but you do not understand the game dynamics. It’s better to avoid such situations.

Even if you want to wager on something you don’t understand, learn a thing or two about it beforehand. The recommended time for online betting is 8-10 hours before the match.

Bets for Beginners 

There are many fancy combinations of bets to facilitate the gambler. These bets aim to ensure you have a chance of winning. As a beginner, the best bets you can make are single ones on the total score of a game or predict win/loss. After some experience and knowledge, you can explore other types of combinations.


Statistics is the basis of all forecasts. In the formation of odds, stats play a vital role. Even bookmakers use records, team/player history, head-to-head data, and statistics to come up with initial odds. It’s crucial to know about stats, but it’s not necessarily a complete analysis.

Supporting Factors

Along with stats, there are many aspects of a game influencing odds. The physical state of a player, venue, injuries, availability, weather, etc. All of these factors assist in preparing odds.


The tournament Schedule is also a crucial factor to consider while analyzing odds. Having intense back-to-back games in a short time can tire out players and cause injuries mid-game. It brings in the importance of substitutes. When analyzing odds, keep an eye on subs if they are worthy enough and can step up to the occasion.

Psychological Pressure

Emotions and mood can affect the result of a game. Any change in the management, rivalry within the team or with the opposite team, salary issues, and, most importantly, social optics – these aspects may or may not influence the odds but surely can affect the result.

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