Understanding Betting Odds Of E-Sport Tournaments

Understanding Betting Odds Of E-Sport Tournaments

As one of the online and land-based sports betting’s newest additions, e-sports have emerged as the betting industry’s fastest rising product. E-sports betting is no longer a fad. It has become a popular activity that millions of punters from different parts of the world enjoy.

E-sport betting sites, like Vulkanbet.com, have seen a constantly growing number of people signing up and creating new accounts. New betting options have been added to these platforms too, helping them to attract more betting enthusiasts.

As a newcomer betting odds can be difficult to understand as they can be displayed in several different ways. This post will provide you with useful information to help you grasp this. This way you’ll know how to check the odds when betting on your favorite team in e-sport tournaments.

How To Read Betting Odds

Sports betting odds can be displayed in three different ways:

  • American odds (250)
  • UK or Fractional odds (2.5/1)
  • European or Decimal odds (3.50)

All of these odds translate to the same winning chance of 28.6% despite being presented differently.

Understanding American Odds

American odds, which are also called “moneyline odds,” work differently than the others because they operate separately for underdogs and favorites. Within the US market these odds are, unsurprisingly, the most popular.

The way that these odds work for betting on the underdog is that they show you how much you will win if you bet $100. So, for example, if you’re betting on Luminosity against Fnatic in an upcoming CS:GO match at odds of +250, you will win $250 if you bet a hundred dollars. It results in a total return of $350, including your original $100 stake.

On the flip side, when betting on a favorite, American odds show you how much money you would have to risk to win a certain amount. If, for instance, Fnatic is the firm favorite to win the upcoming match you would have to place a bet of $250 at odds of -250 to get a net profit of a hundred dollars (take note of the minus sign before the odd)

Understanding Fractional Odds

This type of odds is also referred to as “traditional odds” or “British odds.” They’re considered to be the UK market’s most commonly utilized form of odds presentation. The presentation of these odds by bookmakers show you how much you will profit from your bet compared to the amount you bet.

The advantage of UK odds is that on any winning bet, the stake is also returned to you. It’s flexible and shows you that if you bet a hundred dollars, then at odds of 2.5/1, you will get a net profit of two and a half times that specific amount, which would be total of a $250. Fractional odds allow a bettor to work out their net-profits based on their bet.

Understanding Decimal Odds

This type of odds is widely used in Australia and mainland Europe. However, European odds have become more prevalent in recent years due to younger bettors. They are starting to favor them more than the others, which is understandable as they are very easy to grasp.

In Decimal or European odds, if you were to place a winning bet of a hundred dollars at the odd of 3.50, you would win a total of $350. This includes your original $100 stake. European odds are presented in a way that they show you how much you will win in total as opposed to UK odds that only show you the net profit.

The $350 total winning is because a hundred dollars times 3.50 will result in $250. It equates to a $250 net profit to a $100 stake at risk.

Comparing Odds

To convert negative American odds to European or Decimal odds, you only need to divide 100 by the negative moneyline odd, then add 1. On the other hand, for converting positive American odds to European or Decimal odds, you just have to divide the positive moneyline odd by 100 before adding 1.


Now that you know more about the different ways that odds can be displayed, you can start using your knowledge when you place your next bet. It doesn’t matter which format your odds show in, but choose the one that makes the most sense to you.

Always remember, though, that it’s good to shop around. Aim for the best profitable bets based on the odds presented. It’s also important to assess the risk and make sure to only wager money that you can afford to lose.

Like traditional sports betting, there’s no such thing as a “sure win” in e-sports.

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