How Popular Is Dota 2 and Why Do People Play It?

How popular dota 2 is

Interested in the popularity of Dota 2? Let us tell you all about it!

How Many People are Playing Dota 2?

As of November 2020, Steam has reported a peak of about 700,000.00 players being logged in at the same time, while the average number of daily players in November has been noted as 422,000.00. These statistics are about the same as the game has had since 2014, which should give you a very good idea of the number of people that are playing Dota 2.

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Is Dota 2 Dying or Losing Popularity?

Not at all. As already mentioned above, the player base has pretty much been the same since 2014, which is a year after the game was released. Just look at this Steam graph that shows you the peak of concurrent players since Dota 2 was played in beta:

Dota 2 Steam chart 2012-2020

While the game isn’t gaining any popularity, it isn’t really losing any either. Dota 2 is definitely not dying. To further elaborate on the subject, we can look at the average amount of daily players in the month of November for 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014:

2020: 422,000.00
2019: 401,000.00
2018: 461,000.00
2017: 487,000.00
2016: 584,000.00
2015: 539,000.00
2014: 528,000.00

Even though the game isn’t at its peak, not much has happened during these years. The game is just about as popular as it has always been.

When Did Dota 2 Have Its All Time High of Players?

The all time high of concurrent players occurred in March 2016 when 1,291,328.00 people were logged in at the same time. As of the all time high of daily players, this happened just a month before. In February 2016 the average amount of players was 709,178.00.

Why is Dota 2 so Popular?

There are many reasons for Dota 2 being a highly popular game. Just to mention a few of them, we would like to highlight the fact that Dota 2:

  • Has an incredibly high skill cap which competitive players love
  • Is regularly patched, creating new metas that keep the game fresh
  • Offers more than 100 playable heroes which creates a lot of diversity
  • Has a balanced ranking system that makes climbing the ladder fun
  • Offers hundreds of tournaments every year with prize pools up to $34 million
  • Has an arcade with plenty of player made fun maps similar to those of Warcraft 3

Which Game is More Popular – Dota 2 or League of Legends?

League of Legends is way more popular than Dota 2 – and most other games that exist as well. As of 2020 it had an average daily player base of about 3.8 million, which is insane.

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