How eSports Betting Is Different From Betting on Traditional Sports    

How eSports Betting Is Different From Betting on Traditional Sports

The fusion of the real and virtual world is advancing, impacting every facet of life. Many novice bettors labor under the misconception that esports betting is diametrically opposed to traditional sports betting. They have some similarities but also many differences.

The notable boom observed in esports betting is due to the restrictions imposed on conventional sports betting. With an increasing number of sports available, betting apps are also becoming more numerous.

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Traditional Sports vs. Esports Betting: Defining the Terms

Traditional sports betting has been around for centuries. You can place a bet on any sport, from the most popular to the most obscure. Esports betting is more specific because it is only online, organized, and professional. It’s where you bet on a game with a myriad of site choices and use statistics and other data to make an informed decision. It is based on video-format sports competitions with few external factors impacting the game.


Types of Bets

The forms of bets are among the key differences between esports and regular sports wagering. Regular sports feature straight bets, money line bets, handicaps, and other familiar types. This doesn’t change based on geographic location. Esports events offer a much larger variety of betting options. While you have all of the standard ones, too, you have some specific betting types depending on the video game you’ve chosen to bet on.

Esports providers like DraftKings and FanDuel are always adding more options as part of their commitment to making betting more interesting and lucrative. In this line of thought, now might be a good time to take advantage of the current FanDuel sportsbook promo code.

Real vs. Digital

The ways people engage in esports and traditional sports are markedly different. One is played physically, and the other is in virtual event centers. You can bet on esports anytime, anywhere. Few external factors can impact the outcome.

The betting mode is entirely digital. No event can be postponed by storms, snow, or heavy rainfall. You don’t have to deal with bad calls and other referee mistakes impacting your wager.

Esports require occasional updates, which increase the complexity. This is another difference from traditional sports games

A Single Game Can Decide the Outcome  

Most traditional sports are decided by a single game. They don’t have a matching system. In contrast, a match determines the outcome of esports games. Esports also have a bit of a learning curve. This type of betting relies on luck to a greater extent. In conventional sports, the team that plays better almost always wins. This aspect is more random in esports betting.

Esports Are More Volatile

Traditional sports can be volatile, but not to the extent esports are. They are inherently more chaotic. Underdog victories are more common. Esports games are also much more frequent.

Injuries and Fatigue as a Factor

Player injury, form, or fatigue can be critical to the outcome of a traditional sports game, especially individual sports like tennis or track and field. Personal factors are present even in top-tier group sports. Fatigue and injury can occur in esports on a far more limited scale. They are less significant in building the overall winning odds.

In both traditional sports and esports, doing proper research on players before placing a wager is essential. It always helps to be familiar with the team’s or player’s previous statistics.

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