Do you want your twitch channel hosted?

Do you have a twitch account and want it boosted by eBetFinder?

  • Are you a smaller streamer who are striving to grow within the twitch community?
  • Are you a funny, interesting entertainer and +18 years old?
  • Do you want to get boosted by us?

If you answered yes on all of these 3 questions then we highly suggest you to keep on reading, since we might be working together soon!

What do we offer?

Our twitch account is brand new and small so we can’t offer any magical viewer numbers…  at least not yet.

We can, however, offer a solid partnership opportunity that could greatly benefit us both in the long run.

Streamers currently supported by us:

NeverfoldQ5 – Poker pro
Zust4rk< – CS:GO casual streamer

What do I need to do in order to become a part of the team?

  • Follow us on Twitch
  • Send us a DM (Twitch or Twitter)
  • Done!

If you want to be hosted just make sure that you give us a follow on twitch and then send us a message letting us know you are interested in being featured on our channel. You can also send me an email or hit me up on twitter for a chat about it.

Just remember; no channel is too small 🙂 But of course, it should be gaming related.

What are you waiting for?

Go follow our Twitch channel and let us support the upcoming stars on Twitch!

Visit eBetFinder’s twitch channel

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