Here are the eSport events keeping you busy right now!

Here are the eSport events keeping you busy right now!

We’re in the middle of July and for all of us living in the northern hemisphere or around the equator it’s pretty much getting hot as hell. As a hardcore eSport enthusiast there is, however, little time to visit the beach as it’s a busy summer for competitive gaming. Plenty of matches in various leagues and action packed tournaments are running every day. Not only is there a lot to enjoy while sipping on a cold beer or lighting up the wacky tabacky, but the bookmakers haven’t gone on holiday either so there’s a huge amount of betting opportunities to be found.

To give you an insight in the events currently running we’ve created the following article to simply list all of the leagues and tournaments that you can bet on for a daily dose of excitement. You’ll find this list below with dates and prize pools included in it.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
EventDatePrize poolExtra prize
Blast Pro Series in Los Angeles2019-07-13 – 2019-07-14$250,000.00N/A
Intel Extreme Masters Chicago2019-07-18 – 2019-07-21$250,000.00N/A
ESEA S31: Global Challenge2019-07-13 – 2019-07-14$75,000.00N/A
Americas Minor + Europe Minor2019-07-17 – 2019-07-21$50,000.00Spot in the StarLadder Berlin
UCC Summer Smash2019-05-06 – 2019-07-15$30,000.00N/A
Good Game League2019-07-13 – 2019-07-14€100,000.00N/A
OGA Counter PIT Season 32019-07-08 – 2019-07-14$20,000.00N/A
Brazil Game Cup2019-03-26 – 2019-09-10$13,000.00N/A
99 Liga Season 122019-06-11 – 2019-08-12€3,500.00Spot in the playoffs
Defenders of the Ancient 2
EventDatePrize poolExtra prize
The International Closed Qualifier2019-07-11 – 2019-07-14Spot in the world championshipN/A
World Cyber Games 20192019-07-18 – 2019-07-21$140,000.00N/A
League of Legends
EventDatePrize poolExtra prize
LEC Summer 20192019-06-07 – 2019-09-08€200,000.00Spot in the world championship
LCS Summer 20192019-06-01 – 2019-08-25$200,000.00Spot in the world championship
LCK Summer 20192019-06-05 – 2019-09-??$251,000.00Spot in the world championship
LPL Summer 20192019-06-01 – 2019-09-??$520,000.00Spot in the world championship
LMS Summer 20192019-06-14 – 2019-09-??$87,000.00Spot in the world championship
VCS Summer 20192019-06-20 – 2019-09-??$51,000.00Spot in the world championship
CBLOL Winter 20192019-06-01 – 2019-09-07$51,000.00N/A
EventDatePrize poolExtra prize
Overwatch League Season 22019-02-14 – 2019-08-25$1,500,000.00Spot in the playoffs
Overwatch Contenders Season 22019-06-13 – 2019-08-??$200,000.00N/A
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
EventDatePrize poolExtra prize
CWL Pro League Playoffs2019-07-19 – 2019-07-21$1,250,000.00N/A
Starcraft II
EventDatePrize poolExtra prize
Global Starcraft 2 League Season 32019-07-03 – 2019-09-21$151,000.00N/A
WCS Summer 20192019-07-12 – 2019-07-14$100,000.00WCS circuit points
Starcraft BroodWar
EventDatePrize poolExtra prize
Afreeca Starleague Season 82019-06-30 – 2019-09-01$67,000.00N/A
Rainbow Six
EventDatePrize poolExtra prize
Rainbow Six Pro League2019-06-17 – 2019-10-08Spot in the finalsN/A
Six Major 20192019-07-11 – 2019-07-19Spot in the finalsN/A

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