Top 6 PC Games That Play Like Fallout


Initially released in 1997, the Fallout series is highly praised by gamers for different reasons. The most popular games to date are arguably Fallout 4 and Fallout New Vegas, which have similarities but also distinct differences. Many love these games for their awesome mods and sandbox environment where one can do whatever one wants from the start.

However, Fallout 4 excels in its massive world and great exploration, as well as fantastic gunplay combat. New Vegas, on the other hand, is a bit more clunky in terms of combat and the exploration isn’t as great, but the game offers the superior RPG experience with a better story.

So, with all of these things in mind:

  • Sandbox with plenty of freedom
  • Big world with great exploration
  • Fantastic action gunplay combat
  • Interesting storyline with choices
  • Strong RPG elements that matter

Here is my top 6 list of games that you ought to check out if you like Fallout 4 or Fallout New Vegas:

  1. Skyrim
  2. The Outer Worlds
  3. Witcher 3
  4. Metro 
  5. Borderlines
  6. Bioshock

If you’re all about the older Fallout games that offer a turn-based RPG experience, check out this list of games like dragon age instead



Release date: 2011
Steam ranking: Very positive
Steam price: €15.99

Described as a Medieval-styled Fallout game, Skyrim is created by the same game studio that is behind Fallout 4 – Bethesda. It’s an open-world RPG with a massive world to explore. Some players report spending 1700 hours and still finding new things to do in the game. 

Unlike Fallout, the game doesn’t have any gunplay combat. Instead, you’re fighting with swords and magic. In all honesty, it is not the most fluid combat experience. This too isn’t the game for those looking for extraordinary storytelling.

However, what Skyrim does good, it does great, and that is the freedom and adventuring aspect of it. The game lets you do just about anything you want. You can pick up everything you see, master any type of skill, craft a ton of crazy stuff and kill everything. 

The Outer Worlds


Release date: 2019
Steam ranking: Very positive
Steam price: €59.99

Created by Obsidian Entertainment – the same studio that did most of the work on Fallout New Vegas – The Outer Worlds shares many similarities with Fallout. It’s a first-person shooter RPG with fluid and very entertaining gunplay action.  

Those who are looking for a big world to explore will be disappointed though. This game doesn’t offer a lot of freedom. Instead, what it offers players is great writing and storytelling with different choices, along with RPG elements that matter. You’ll find six types of attributes, 18 skills and 42 perks. If you’re all about appearances, the graphics in The Outer Worlds are also way ahead of any Fallout game. 

In terms of story, the game takes place in space where various worlds are controlled by big corporations who are exploiting people. To put it briefly. 

Witcher 3


Release date: 2015
Steam ranking: Overwhelmingly positive
Steam price: €29.99

While having its gunplay action replaced by swords, crossbows and magic spells, and apocalyptic world replaced by fantasy, Witcher 3 is a highly popular game that plays quite similar to Fallout New Vegas. It offers an enormous world to explore on your own. If you want to take a break from the main story, you can go anywhere and do whatever you like; slaughter monsters or investigate murders. 

The main story of the game is complex and praised by many. Some say it’s one of the best written in any RPG, even though there are those that couldn’t disagree more. I personally find it amazing. The world is dynamic and changes based off the actions you take with your character. Adding to the incredibility of the game is also its many side quests that are well-written and captivating. 

While combat may be a bit of a weak point and crafting isn’t a thing, the Witcher 3 generally looks and plays better than any Fallout game. Animations, character movement, as well as combat and landscape variety are all superior factors. 

Metro Series


Metro is a franchise offering three different games known as 2033 (released in 2010), Last Light (released in 2013) and Exodus (released in 2019). Their main similarity with Fallout is the post-apocalyptic world they take place in. The combat is also focused on guns and plays like a first-person shooter. 

While RPG elements are missing, the story of the three games is very pleasing and liked by many. I would say that the one in Exodus is the weakest though. You shouldn’t expect a lot of exploring as progression is linear in Metro, with a slight exception to Exodus that has some open-world elements in it.  

Put short, Metro is more of a survival game that is darker and more terrifying than Fallout which is more adventurous. The Metro games can also be incredibly challenging depending on the difficulty you choose. 

Borderland Series

Released in 2009, 2012 and 2019, there are three editions of Borderlands – all of which have very positive reviews. With the franchise being an action RPG shooter, the gameplay experience has a lot of resemblance to Fallout. The combat feels great and with more than 15 million (over billion in Borderlands 3) weapon combinations, there’s a lot of firepower, to say the least.  

The world in Borderlands might not be as open and exciting as it is in Fallout, but you do have the freedom to explore and go on your own rants to blast enemies and find loot. In terms of story, it’s probably around a B-movie level. However, dialogues can be really funny. 

You must know that Borderlands is anything but a serious game. It’s all about blasting enemies while leveling up and getting stronger through various skills. The series offers 4 – 6 playable classes which have about 20 – 60 skills each, depending on the game. 

Bioshock Series

Bioshock is a franchise of three story-driven games that are categorized as first person-shooters. The first two, which were released in 2007 and 2010, offers a dark atmosphere and other horror aspects, while the third one released in 2013 is a lot brighter. All of the games are highly praised by players.

Similarities to Fallout can be found in the immersive environments and enchanting atmospheres that the games offer. However, one should know that the world is not open. There is no freedom to explore, but you do follow a fixed path. 

Guns are used as weapons, but the combat may feel a bit wooden compared to Fallout 4. While some RPG elements can be found, such as weapon and health upgrades and a number of skills to use, it’s not on the same level as New Vegas. However, the way you build your character does matter in terms of playstyle.

If you love a good story, this is reason enough to pick up Bioshock 1 and 3. The story is simply great. You may want to skip on the second one which is much weaker.   

What Other Sites Say About Games Like Fallout

While the above-listed games are my recommendations if you like Fallout, here is a list of games that other sites are suggesting Fallout fans to try out:

  • Prey – a horror FPS with a strong story, released in 2017 by same company as Fallout.
  • Mad Max – an open world action game with vehicular combat, released in 2015.
  • Far Cry 5 – an open world FPS with a lot of freedom and exploration.
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