FIFA 23 Set to Be a Roaring Success Once More

FIFA 23 set to be roaring success once more

In the fiercely competitive world of eSport innovation, it is the collaboration between EA Sports and FIFA that leads the way in relation to football gaming.

Much was made, however, when it was announced that FIFA 23 would be the last game created by FIFA and EA Sports in conjunction, with both organizations set to go their own way from the 2024 incarnation of the game and beyond.

Rather inevitably, however, both parties seem keen to make their final offering their most innovative yet, with incredible gameplay and features giving FIFA 23 the hallmarks of a game that will stand the test of time.

Part of the principal appeal in the world of FIFA gaming is realism. No other football game in history has been able to compete with EA Sports when it comes to player replication and once again, FIFA 23 fulfills that brief expertly.

Beyond that, gamers and fans who bet on eSports want to play with real players, for real teams, in real stadiums, with real commentators and FIFA continues to be the only gaming platform that offers these options. This perhaps remains their ultimate USP, as per this esports betting guide for the UK.

Meaning the news that FIFA and EA Sports have failed to come to an agreement from FIFA 24 onwards, leaves both organizations and their respective games in a relative state of flux.

Key questions include, how will EA Sports secure all of the rights, to all of the players, leagues, referees and commentators and how will FIFA be able to continue to produce groundbreaking graphics, across all gaming consoles.

Regardless of how FIFA as a game looks in the future, the stark reality remains that it is a trailblazer in terms of footballing game innovation and there have been plenty of additions in 2023.

Introducing the women’s game to FIFA is a move that has been long in the offing but following the Lionesses' incredible victory at Euro 2022, the popularity of the women’s game in the UK has never been bigger.

Furthermore, the decision by EA Sports and FIFA to sanction the move for non-league clubs such as Wrexham FC, who have been acquired by Hollywood superstar Ryan Reynolds, only adds further to the sense of intrigue and furore surrounding FIFA as a game.

Seeing these great sports gaming institutions part ways is obviously a tough watch for the purist but there is genuine excitement building too, about what both companies could produce games-wise in the future.

However, for the time being, FIFA 23 remains the hottest sports gaming release of the year once more. And with it set to be the last time these two iconic corporations merge, it looks to be one of the greatest sports gaming releases of all time.

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