Everything You Need to Know About Civilization 6 World Cup

Everything You Need to Know About Civilization 6 World Cup

Sid Meier’s Civilization is one of the longest-enduring strategy games of all time. Just as there is a keen interest in other strategy eSports, Civilization, too, has grown tournament followings. The foremost of these is the Civilization 6 World Cup!

This 4×4 team tournament take on the game has brought the often complex title to thousands of new fans. It’s gotten lots of attention through streaming and continues to broaden Civ6 communities. But what does the tournament actually entail, and how can you get involved?

Civilization 6 World Cup in Brief

Civilization 6 is a game of intensive strategy, power play, and cunning. As you may already know, you’re in control of an empire as you strive to rewrite the history books. The Civilization 6 World Cup exists to help expand the game into a new multiplayer realm.

Teams of four duke it out using a custom ruleset that can load directly into the PC version of the game. Simply supply the tournament runners with a handful of details about the team players and their Twitch accounts, and you’re good to go.

During tournament play, you’ll have access to both private chat and vocal modes. This means that you can talk strategy with your team and even blast your messages to the world. This helps to keep things particularly exciting for those who may be watching games unfold via Twitch.

However, to get the shot at the big tournament, you’re going to need to qualify first. That means heading to the appropriate Discord server for your own local qualification. Details are fully available through the official Civilization 6 World Cup website – they usually unfold in the summer.

Other Points to Know

Civilization 6 is a game that requires genuine cunning and quick thinking. It also appeals to all kinds of players! You might like nothing more than watching sports and loading up a Betfred promo code or two. Or, you might be into board games, traditional console titles and otherwise. It’s a very broad-reaching game.

The tournament takes typically over a month and a half and offers slots to eight different teams. It takes place across five different maps, usually – such as Inland Sea, Pangea and the Highlands.

Games take place across Fridays to Sundays, and can be enjoyed via Twitch. Information on matches and results are shared via Twitter and Reddit, too. What’s also intriguing is the fact that it brings together communities as wide as CivRUS, the Deutsche Liga and CivFR!

After the group stage of the tournament, you’ll head straight into the brackets. Does your team of four have what it takes to claim the spoils?

It’s easy to think that Civilization 6 is a fairly solo game. However, after decades of enchanting players with intensely detailed maps and campaigns, it’s now a team sport.

Why not take a look at the World Cup for yourself? Even if you don’t fancy taking part, there’s lots of action to stream online.

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