Esports Betting Secrets

Esport betting secrets

Such computer games as Dota 2, Counter Strike and FIFA have long been the best friends of participants, fans, bookmakers and bettors. Esports betting is gaining momentum every year. In order not to go broke and be able to win good money, you need to know the basic betting rules, which we will discuss in this article. You can look at the best betting options on the websites of betting companies. You can also find good bonuses there and play casino games, such as free blackjack online.

Actual Outcome

Those who are more or less familiar with eSports betting know that it is not so important what to bet on. The main thing is to do it with a mathematical advantage over the organizer of the bet. In eSports, as in other disciplines, there are three outcomes – a winner and a draw. Depending on the format of the meeting and on the computer discipline itself, 3 outcomes are allowed.

You can find information about the number of outcomes on the bookmaker's website. There are bets on CSGO – on the winner of a certain round for a specific map. Sometimes there is an option with a draw or double outcome – X, 1X and 2X.


A popular market that is in great demand among bettors betting on computer confrontations. Everyone knows that odds are very useful in cases where you want to earn more on a win or a small loss. In eSports, bets with odds are made on:

  • maps;
  • rounds;
  • kills;
  • wins.

The principle of determining the winnings is the same here. If the sum of the handicap and the difference in the score for the selected team is greater than 0, then the bet has won. If equal to zero, it is a refund. And if negative, then the deal is lost. There is no difference in what the bettor specifically bet on, the algorithm is always the same.


Pre-match and live bets on eSports are diverse. Many bettors prefer deals on quantitative indicators – totals. Most often they bet on over/under maps or rounds in CSGO, goals in NHL, FIFA, NBA. There are still markets for the exact amount.

The calculation of betting on totals is very simple. If the player bets on more than a certain value, he will be satisfied with all options that exceed it. A similar approach for deals on total less, only in the opposite direction.

Bets Analysis on Esports

We have sorted out the main markets for computer disciplines. Let's move on to analytics. It is clear that here it is necessary to monitor the performance of participants in various tournaments. Moreover, in recent years there have been many competitions.

As in a regular sport, the winners in computer battles are well prepared. Read the interviews of football eSportsmen. They claim to train without a coach but spar with strong opponents. They arrange mini-tournaments in order to identify shortcomings in time and test their achievements.

Analyze the actions of teams and players in small and large competitions, use handicap and total statistics, and find patterns. This will come in handy for correct bets on eSports battles.

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