Drifting in Malta


Interview with George Muscat – The drifter from Malta

eBetFinder were visiting the Nova Series held at the InterContinental Arena Conference Centre in Malta where we had the pleasure to meet the drifter George Muscat. Not any drifter, but one crazy enough to drive his race car with windows replaced by computer screens. Check out our interview with him where we discussed drifting in general and how one can become a pro drifter from playing video games.

Start drifting with a simulation

George Muscat talks about his passion for drifting as a sport and explains how it works, how you compete in it and most interestingly, how to get started. He is a strong believer that simulators in video games are the future for the younger generation to get into the sport. A lot of current drifters and champions have been spotted as young talent on the Playstation 4 servers when playing different car games.

Muscat strongly believes that these simulator games are the platform for new talents to develop their skills and learn the basics that are needed to race with a real power car on a drifting track. With today’s technology, these simulation games are very close to the real deal and are a much cheaper way of drifting since you don’t have to worry about the cost of gas, repairs, tires etc.

With the increasing popularity of eSports, there’s a good chance that video game drifting and other game simulations will become a big hit in the future. Could you imagine a game like Rocket League being played out with the simulated setup Mr. Muscat has? Three screens, pedals and a steering wheel, just like a real car.

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