Guide to Opening up the Dota 2 Console and List of Useful Commands

Dota 2 Console

Below you will find a quick guide on how the Dota 2 console is accessed, as well as a list of useful commands that you can put in it. Hope you enjoy!

How to Open up the Dota 2 Console

Opening up the console in Dota 2 can’t be done from within the game alone, but to access it you would have to change the launch options of the game in Steam. This is how it’s done:

  1. Open up Steam and go to the library tab
  2. Right click on Dota 2 and press on properties
  3. Click on set launch options
  4. Enter the following: -console
  5. Press ok and run the game

Do note that the Dota 2 console won’t automatically launch as the game launches, but you have to bring it up yourself. By default this is done by either pressing or `. You can easily check what button the console is connected to by going to settings –> hotkeys –> advanced hotkeys.

List of Useful Console Commands for Dota 2

There are hundreds if not thousands of console commands, but the vast majority of them are actually useless for the average user. Only a few can be really useful, which include those that we have listed below.

Increased Ping Duration

Command: dota_minimap_ping_duration #

With this command you are able to set how long a ping will be shown on the mini map. Just replace # with the number of seconds you would like the ping to be visible for. Default time is 3 seconds.

Easier Meepo Play

Command: dota_player_smart_multiunit_cast 1

By enabling this command you can cast the same spell from multiple identical units without having to select each one of them. This is incredibly useful for casting Earthbind when playing Meepo.

Customize Health Bars

Command: dota_health_per_vertical_marker #

If you want to change the amount of health that is represented between each line ( | ) on the character’s health bars, use this command and replace # with your number. The default amount of health is 250.

Always Show Spell Range

Command: dota_disable_range_finder 0

Per default spells will only show their range when you hover over them. However, if you use this command spells will also show their range whenever you are using them. This option can also be changed under settings in the game.

Move Minimap to Bottom Right

Command: dota_hud_flip 1

Should you for some reason like your minimap to be displayed in the bottom right corner instead of the left, this is the command for you.

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