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Betting on CS:GO may be an entertaining past time activity and an awesome way to ramp up the excitement of the professional matches going down. However, no matter how joyful and thrilling it can be, nothing really beats making a sweet profit out of it as well. To help you achieve this, we have created this educative guide with valuable CS:GO betting tips. By embracing the information provided in this, you will give yourself the best chances of becoming a profitable bettor on CS:GO.

Tip 1. Do your research

This is one of the best tips when betting on CS:GO as an important factor in becoming a profitable bettor is to have a wide knowledge of the game, professional teams and the match taking place. By doing your research well before placing a bet, you will set the foundation that will give you the best likelihood of making the right decision.

It’s recommended looking up the teams you’re betting on to find out how they have recently been performing against equal, better and weaker opposition. This can give you quite a good idea of their current form. If you can find any previous match history between the two teams that you’re betting on, this can also be very helpful as if one of the teams have won the majority of the matches, they might be likely to win this one as well. Just make sure that you pay close attention to when these matches were played as there may have been a lot of changes regarding the teams and their skills since they went down.

Doing your research can be quite time consuming and a bit of a hassle, but nothing pays off as much as this

Having a good understanding of the maps in CS:GO can also help you making the right decision as these usually come with a leverage for either T or CT. This might not be a deal breaker, but it’s definitely something you should take into consideration. It may also be that a certain team usually does a better job on a certain map due to their liking or experience of it. When researching previous matches of the teams, it can therefore be a good idea to note which maps were being played and draw conclusions to if these may have had an effect on their success or loss.

Another important thing included in this particular betting tip on CS:GO is knowing how much the match means for each team. It might be a group stage match in a tournament or a league where one of the teams have already guaranteed themselves a top finish and therefore doesn’t have to perform that well as it doesn’t matter if they win or lose. On the contrary, the team they are facing might be forced to win to better their position and will therefore bring their A-game. In such a case, the least favorable team to win (skill wise) could in reality actually be the favorite one.

Tip 2. Read CS:GO match predictions

Match predictions are the easy way out of receiving the same knowledge as a thorough research, but requires trust

If you don’t have the time doing a thorough research yourself, reading CS:GO match predictions that others have written can be very useful. By following these, you do however put your trust into other peoples’ knowledge.

These match predictions can not only be useful for those not making their own research, but can also be beneficial to read just to compare your own findings and conclusions with what other bettors believe.

Tip 3. Place smart bets

Betting smart is a CS:GO pro bet tip that is just as valuable as doing your research. This means that you should always bet on the team that gives you the best profit in the long run, which isn’t necessarily the team you believe will win. Based on the research done, a successful bettor will always make a prediction of the outcome and then compare this prediction with the odds offered by eSport betting sites.

We can take an example by picturing SK Gaming playing against mousesports. Before deciding on which of these teams you should bet on, you should give each of the two a certain percentage of their chances of winning the match. Let’s assume that you based on your research believe SK Gaming to have a 70% chance to win and mousesports a 30% chance.

After you’ve made this prediction, you want to know how much these percentages equal in odds as you’re then able to compare this with the odds the eSport betting sites are offering. There are several probability to odds calculators on the net that you can use for this purpose.

If you however prefer using a decimal view of your odds, all you have to do is to divide 100 with the chance that you have given each of the two teams. In our example this would equal SK Gaming receiving an odd of 1.43 (100/70) and mousesports an odd of 3.33 (100/30).

Just because you believe a team is favorable to win, doesn’t mean that this is the team you should put your money on

By knowing these odds, you’re now aware of which odds are profitable for you to bet on in the long run, assuming that your prediction is a correct one. For SK Gaming to be a profitable bet to place, the odds offered by bookmakers has to be higher than 1.43, whereas a profitable bet on mousesports has to be higher than 3.33.

We can illustrate this by taking an example with an operator offering 1.25 in odds for SK Gaming and 4.00 in odds for mousesports. According to the prediction made SK Gaming will win 7 times out of 10 (70%), whereas mousesports will win 3 times out of 10 (30%).

If this match is being played 10 times and we always bet €10 on SK Gaming, we will be wagering a total of €100. For every winning bet, we will receive €12.5 as the odds are 1.25 (1.25 * 10). With 7 matches won, this would only give us a total amount of €87.5 (12.5 * 7), which means that we would end up losing €12.5 even though we’re betting on the team that is most likely to win. In other words, this isn’t a profitable bet to place in the long run.

If we compare this to betting €10 on mousesports on all of the 10 matches played, this would give us €40 back on every winning bet as the odds are 4.00 (4.00* 10). With 3 matches won, this would equal €120 (40 * 3) and therefore give us a profit of €20 although we’re betting on the team least likely to win. This is in other words a profitable bet to place in the long run.

As you can see, betting on the favorite team isn’t always the best option as it all has to do with the odds the bookmakers are giving them. Making your own prediction and then basing your bet on the odds offered is always the best way of making a long term profit. You should therefore take this counter strike global offensive betting tip to heart and always remember to follow it.

Tip 4. Consider accumulator bets

Placing an accumulator bet is a very simple CS:GO bet tip that can be quite useful in certain situations. This is an option that you can use on any betting site, which means that you combine matches with each other to achieve a higher CS:GO odds. This is possible as the odds of the combined matches are always multiplied with each other.

To give you an example, three matches that all have 1.25 in odds, would equal a total odd of 1.95 if placed as an accumulator bet (1.25 * 1.25 * 1.25 = 1.95). If you bet €10 on these three matches as singles, your potential profit would be €7.5, whereas a combination of them would equal a potential profit of €9.5.

Accumulator bets won’t always do you anything good, but they never hurt and are useful in certain situations

Although it may look like accumulator bets are always better to place, it’s important to know that this type of bet requires you to win all of the three matches to receive your winnings. This actually lowers your chances of winning as much as the odds increases and therefore neither do you any good or bad to under regular circumstances.

As previously mentioned, there are however certain situations where they are favorable to use. Some eSport betting sites do for instance offer a profit boost promotion where your winnings are increased by a certain percentage the more match combinations that you place. If you take part in such a promotion, an accumulator bet is always favorable to use.

This type of bet can also be very handy when wagering a bonus as you usually have a minimum odd you have to achieve for the bet to count towards the wagering and a limited time to fulfill the wagering requirement within. By using a combination of matches, it’s easier to find selections that will help you achieve this minimum odd without having to sacrifice your smart bets for riskier ones.

Tip 5. Bet with a bonus

Using a bonus is an effortless way to increase your profits, but not all are as valuable

Last but not least, a valuable betting tip on Counter-Strike Global Offensive is using a bonus. This way you’re able to receive extra money that can be converted into your own, which can make for a very easy extra profit. You don’t have to do anything other than placing your bets in accordance with the wagering requirement that the bonus comes with.

It should however be said that not all bonuses are as profitable taking part of. As you may or may not know, these can vary quite a lot in value depending on the terms and conditions that they come with. It’s therefore highly recommended that you always read through these before taking part of an offer. Should you choose an offer with a very high minimum odd to the wagering requirement, it can be hard to achieve this without taking too much of a risk, even though you choose to place an accumulator bet.

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