Cryptocurrencies and eSports betting: A look at Libra Coin

Cryptocurrencies and eSports betting A look at Libra Coin

Cryptocurrencies have been on the rise for quite a while with Bitcoin leading the pack. Many believe (or are at least hopeful) that this modern, decentralized and digital currency will one day replace the inflation haunted fiat money that we’re currently using. While there’s no shortage of skeptics to this – dare we say utopian dream – we can’t deny the fact that Bitcoin is being used more and more frequently rather than just being seen as an investment opportunity. Betting on eSports is no exception to this. There are already plenty of gambling operators accepting Bitcoins as a payment method.

While this coin may be the most promising and popular one at the moment, it’s far from the only cryptocurrency competing to replace our dollars, euros and yen. There are many to choose from and even the founder of Facebook – the famous Mark Zuckerberg – hasn’t hesitated to join the party. With the creation of Libra Coin he is hoping to create a global currency and revolutionize the global economy for better lives. Whether he will succeed or not only time will tell. We did, however, create the following news post to give you an insight about the coin as it may soon be an option for eSports betting. The below infographic, received from, should give you a great introduction to what it’s all about. Enjoy!


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