Betting on Esports FAQs

Betting on esports FAQs

Visit your favorite online sportsbook betting app, and you’ll instantly notice just how much the eSports section has grown over the last two years. There was once a time when esports was seen as a footnote in the Vegas sportsbooks. The tab was hidden away near the bottom of the page and was rarely promoted by the bookies. It was always there and always available to bet on, but we didn’t see the same levels of interest that are obvious today.

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Today, eSports is one of the fastest-growing and most popular sections of a hugely popular online gambling industry. Since the US removed its ban on betting, we’ve seen millions of gamers, sports fans and interested parties begin to follow and bet on eSports. Who knew watching people play video games would be a professional sport? Who knew it would become so popular that millions would follow it through modern live streams and even place bets on the outcome?

Interesting Times

It’s interesting times we are living in as we sit back and watch eSports grow into a powerhouse of betting. You’ll now see the leading betting apps move the eSports tab north, squeezing it in alongside traditional greats, such as soccer, horse racing, basketball and boxing. There are also bonuses, free bets, live streams and other attractions. Want to get involved and give it a try?

If you’d like to use your knowledge of eSports and gaming to target a profit, you’ll be glad to learn most major bookies now accept bets. The sportsbook you choose for betting on and watching games is crucial as, although they look fairly similar, the differences between a good esports betting site and a great esports betting site are vast. But how do you find the app that’s right for you?

Read on as we explain everything you need to know to get started via a couple of common questions. We have kept the answers as simple as possible to ensure they work best for a player who is making their first steps into betting on eSports.

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Can I Bet Using My Smartphone?

Yes, most people do. A recent study into the habits of online gamblers proved more bets are placed using smartphones than on desktop computers and at land-based betting offices combined. You can gamble anywhere in the country as long as you have a reliable Wi-Fi connection or available data. Bet on and watch eSports when and where you wish.

How Do I Get a Free Bet?

The best eSport bookies offer all new members a welcome bonus free bet when they register and start gambling. Create an account with a sportsbook that is legal and licensed to trade in your region, make your first bet on eSports and the marketing team will drop a free bet into your account balance.

Can I Watch Esports Live?

The best bookies offer all registered members free access to their live stream. There you can watch eSports and professional sports on an HD-quality live stream with in-play betting odds, updated stats, predictions and live scores from across the competition. Never again will you miss the chance to bet on eSports as, when downloading a betting app to your smartphone, you’ll have a mobile sportsbook at your fingertips.

Which Games Can I Bet On?

You’ll be blown away by the bookies’ coverage. They have all the biggest gaming titles covered, some classics and the best of the emerging talent. If it’s popular and the game is played under the rules of a recognized organization, the chances are you can bet on it.

Is In-Play Betting Permitted?

Esports is perfect for in-play betting as it’s fast-moving, always changing and exciting. You can place bets on the outcome of a match or competition before the start and have another gamble during the play. Perhaps you’d rather keep your powder dry and wait until the game has begun. That way, you get a good look at the players, their form and how the gameplay is going before you risk placing bets on the outcome.

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