Advanced Dice Betting Strategies Unveiled

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Implementing a good betting strategy for dice games allows one to minimize losses while maximizing profits. Even though you might need luck to make continuous wins in betting, having a solid strategy in place goes a long way.

In this article, we are going to discuss several advanced dice betting strategies you should know. Click here: to explore more dice betting strategies.

To start with, betting strategies usually have two main components, including ‘how much you stake on each bet' and ‘the selections you bet on.

Bet Selections

Typically, playing dice involves choosing a dice number and predicting whether you will roll under or over that number. The main aspect you will be deciding is the probability you wish to give to your winning bet.

For example, placing a bet to roll under 33.33 is similar to betting to roll over 66.66. This is because these two stances both have a 33.33% winning chance. The most common numbers you will come across in betting include 50, 75, 33.33, 25 & 66.66.

The probability of your staking plan significantly impacts the number you choose to make your betting strategy around. Remember, the staking is always more crucial than the number. This is because the 1% house edge of the game always remains the same regardless of your number selection.

Previous Rolls Patterns

Most people tend to choose their betting selections by identifying the previous roll’s patterns and betting on them. For example, if your last ten rolls have been below 25, you start betting above 25 since it's likely to happen soon. Such concepts can be applied to any pattern regardless of their complexity.

Note that the past random events will have no bearing when it comes to the future random events. Nevertheless, the patterns cannot progress indefinitely, provided that the numbers are random.

Staking Plan

Dice games are primarily about the staking plan since all dice bets will have a similar expected value of -1%. The best and easiest staking plan is to bet the same amount for an extended period. This allows your results to go in line with the house edge. Some of the profitable and fun possibilities you can apply in a staking plan include:


This is the most popular betting strategy among dice-betting enthusiasts. The strategy requires the player to double their stake whenever they lose a bet. For instance, if you bet 1 and lose, you bet 2. Then if you lose again, you bet 4.

Martingale's strategy is based on the concept that when you win, the amount will cover all the previous losses and still allow you to remain profitable.

Martingale to Break Even

The break-even martingale applies the concept of increasing your betting stakes slowly. For example, rather than increasing your bet stake by 1, 2, 4, 8, you will apply a 1, 1, 2, 4, 8 criteria. This dice betting strategy means that you can still place another stake even after making a loss.

Inverse Martingale

Sometimes, placing stakes in dice will require you to do the exact opposite to make wins. Inverse martingale requires the player to increase the bet when on a winning streak.

Auto betting Bots

With the huge advancements in technology today, you can program your staking plans into an automatic betting feature. Therefore, you can place bets, and they will be automatically executed following your instructions.

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