A brief look at the current situation of LCS

A brief look at the current situation of LCS

As you may already know the 2020 spring edition of LCS has been in full swing since the 25th of January. If you aren’t familiar with the event it’s one of twelve annual spring leagues that are running in League of Legends. The LCS is the North American one which is accompanied by LEP, LCK, LEC, PCS, VCS, CBLOL, LCL, LJL, LLA, OPL and TCL. All of them similar leagues taking place in different parts of the world. At stake is a $100,000.00 cash prize rewarded to the first place finisher and a spot in the mid-season invitational which is taking place in July. A prestigious tournament where winners from all of the twelve spring leagues will battle it out for a share of a $1 million prize pool.

After 9 weeks and a total of 18 matches played by each of the 10 participating teams, the group stage in LCS has just finished. While the playing field has generally been fairly even there is one team that has totally dominated the whole event – Cloud9. With only a single match lost to Team SoloMid they are the clear winners of the group stage. This means that they will get to pick their opponent in the first quarterfinal match which is kicking off on the 4th of April. In other words if they would like to face off against the 3rd or 4th place finisher which is FlyQuest or 100 Thieves.

The playoffs are running up until the 19th of April when the grand finale is played. With all matches being best of 5 and only the best teams left to compete we certainly have a lot of great action ahead of us. Should you like to up the excitement of this action you can always find world class eSport betting sites here at eBetFinder. As much as we would like to we currently don’t do any thorough match predictions though. For this we would highly recommend paying a visit to Esportvikings. They have a done an awesome job covering all of the encounters in the LCS and will probably continue do so in the playoffs.

With all of this being said let’s have a look at some interesting figures and statistics! Below we have provided the final standings in the group stage of LCS; top 10 champion picks and curiosities such as best performing players and number of pentakills.

Final group stage standings

2ndEvil Geniuses108
4th100 Thieves108
5thTeam SoloMid99
8thGolden Guardians810
9thTeam Liquid711
10thCounter Logic Gaming315

Top 10 champion picks

Lee Sin38201853%
Tahm Kench35152043%
Miss Fortune31141745%

Random interesting facts

  • The shortest match lasted 23 minutes
  • The longest match lasted 61 minutes
  • Most kills in a match has been 40
  • The average kill in a match is 21
  • A pentakill has happened twice (by Bjergsen and Apollo)
  • With 50 bans LeBlanc is the most banned champion
  • Player Zven has the highest KDA of 15.5
  • Player Apollo has the highest CS of 365
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