A beginner’s guide to wagering requirements

A beginner’s guide to wagering requirements

Finding bonus offers that reward you with extra money or have other lucrative benefits is incredibly common when indulging in the thrilling joy of eSports betting. These offers do, however, more often than not come with a wagering requirement and to help you understand what this means and how it affects your betting, we have created the following beginner’s guide.

What exactly is a wagering requirement?

It’s basically a safety net for gambling sites

The casino, sports betting and eSports gambling industry are all very competitive ones and for operators to attract and retain players, bonus offers are frequently used as an efficient tool. This can be anything from free money given as a loyalty reward, a deposit bonus on sign up or a risk free bet as an ongoing promotion that is running.

These offers would all be extremely valuable if they didn’t come with any drawbacks and the bookies would probably lose a tremendous amount of money. To prevent this from happening, a wagering or turn over requirement, which it’s also known as, is typically included in the terms and conditions that the bonus offer comes with. This means that you won’t be able to withdraw any funds until the requirement has actually been fulfilled, which forces you to place a certain amount of bets.

The wagering requirement can be designed in various ways, but usually the following three conditions apply to it:

  • The entire bonus amount received needs to be used on bets X number of times.
  • These bets need to have a minimum odd of X.XX to be counted towards the wagering.
  • If the requirement isn’t fulfilled within X number of days, the received bonus is lost.

Should you for instance take part of a deposit bonus where you receive €100 in extra bonus money, it may be that you have to wager these funds 10 times on odds 1.60 or higher within 30 days. All in all you would have to place bets worth of €1000 and since the minimum odd is 1.60 it can’t happen on any match where the result is a dead certain one.

Should I avoid high wagering requirements?

Short answer yes with an if – long answer no with a but

High wagering requirements aren’t necessarily bad for you. It all depends on what type of gambler you are. For the casual one only looking to spice things up in matches that he or she doesn’t know much about it’s certainly not great. Not only because you have to place your bets with limited options if you want them to count towards the wagering (those who have a certain odd), but if you’re only betting every now and then you may not have enough time to actually fulfill the turn over requirement.

Then again, the worst thing that can happen is that you lose the received bonus, which isn’t the end of the world. However, being a casual eSports bettor looking to benefit from bonus offers, choosing those with low wagering requirements may be a better option.

Should you, on the other hand, have plenty of time, a passion for eSports and know what it means to be placing smart bets, it doesn’t matter how high the wagering requirement actually is. The minimum odd will of course limit your bet options (if you want them to count), but by placing smart bets you will often find yourself betting on the underdog anyway.

Do all bonuses have wagering requirements?

No, but the vast majority of them do

Finding eSport bonuses without any wagering requirements is unfortunately extremely rare. There is, however, one site that we know of that offer them. In addition to this there are also a couple of other eSport operators with welcome bonuses that only have a very low wagering requirement to them. You’ll find some of these listed below!

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