8 Slot Hints Casinos Don’t Want You to Know

8 Slot Hints Casinos Don’t Want You to Know

There is no doubt that slots are the most popular casino game globally, and this holds true for both land-based and online casinos. Playing a slot machine is as simple as spinning the reels and hoping to get lucky on the different pay lines. It is entirely based on chance, which means there is no room for strategy, and each player has the same likelihood of winning.

Gambling and casino operators have a lot of well-kept casino secrets that they don’t want you to know. Some of these secrets reveal how the house always wins and maximizes its profits. Knowing these slot hints can improve your gambling experience and give you a better chance of winning. Here are those secrets:

1. Slots Aren’t Placed at Random

Even though casinos would like you to believe that the casino floor is laid out in a completely random pattern, this is not the case. Instead, every casino inch is examined, measured, and recorded by the casino’s gambling division. In addition, traffic patterns and the value placed on specific casino areas are monitored to evaluate which slots to place there.

Slot machines with the highest payouts are typically found in the casino’s most popular areas so that players will notice all the big wins. The casino’s best-looking and most entertaining slot machines are also located in these sections to entice players to play.

2. The Game’s Developer Makes a Difference

You may not consider this, but playing a slot from a reputable developer can significantly improve your gaming experience. The quality of slot games can vary widely from one provider to the next, much like the difference between Nike and Reebok shoes.

3. Some Slots Pay Out More

Not all slot machines are the same. They all pay out differently. Playing online, finding out the payout percentage (RTP) is easy as it’s always advertised in the game. You can always check it before investing any money. However, at land-based casinos, this is not the case.

As can be read in our article about the loosest slot machines in Vegas, reports show that 1 cent machines pay the least with an average payback percentage of 89.99% while 5 cent slots have the highest average of 94.93%.

Modern video slots have become fancier and have pop-culture references, making them more appealing to players. The more appealing a slot is the more discretion the casino has in reducing its payouts.

However, as we mentioned earlier, the casino can also strategically place high-paying slots in populated areas to attract more players to them.

4. Competitions Can Be Advantageous

Despite the intense competition among online casinos to attract new customers, this can work to your benefit. Online casinos compete to tempt you to join their site by offering incentives such as free spins and casino bonuses. The right types of bonuses can heavily increase your chances of winning.

5. High Stakes Jackpots Are Frequently Played Across Several Casinos

For jackpots, a progressive jackpot machine must be linked to multiple casinos to break a significant $1 million mark. A modest percentage of each player’s bet goes toward building a progressive jackpot. The more individuals that play a particular game, the faster the jackpot grows.

To fund popular progressive slots’ enormous jackpots, a small percentage of player wagers from each machine across the nation is taken. This is not only true for land-based casinos though, but also for online casinos. This is how slots games like those at Fanduel can grow to pay its players life-changing amounts.

6. Benefit From No-Deposit Incentives

You may not have thought of it, but no-deposit casino bonuses are practically unlimited free money. This is a type of bonus that gives you extra money or free spins on a slot just for signing up for an account. Taking advantage of a welcome incentive like this will increase your chances of earning real money while playing free online slot games.

7. Max Betting Can Be The Best Strategy

Even though it goes against everything you’d expect, this is true in some slot machines. Not in all though so don’t go around always making max bets. Remember to play responsibly!

However, in some slot machines playing at max bet increases your chances of activating certain features. This is especially true for progressive slots where it’s common that the jackpot has a higher likelihood of dropping the more you bet.

8. Pay Tables Create a Difference

It’s a good idea to check out the pay tables and do your research before depositing any money into a slot machine. It’s possible to be surprised by the paytables of online slots, which vary from game to game. The pay tables can give you an idea of the slot’s volatility level and in the short run, this can make a difference in your bankroll as high volatile slots are less likely to give you any winnings. However, when you do win, you have the potential to win more which is the trade-off.

Play Smartly!

A wide variety of denominations can be found on slot machines. The only thing you want to avoid is running out of cash too early, whether you’re betting a penny or a hundred dollars per spin. However, don’t forget that you’re mainly dealing with pure chance. Just have fun and enjoy your time at the casino.

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