8 Best Slots to Play When Visiting Las Vegas

8 Best Slots to Play When Visiting Las Vegas

Being the gambling capital of the world, the choice of slot machines in Las Vegas is by no means a small one. There’s a ton of great stuff to play. However, based on factors such as potential winnings, entertainment value and volatility, there are 8 slots that I would personally recommend taking a spin at. These are, in my opinion, the 8 best slots to play when visiting Las Vegas:

  1. Quick Spin – Low Volatile Slot With Frequent Wins
  2. The Simpsons – All About Entertainment
  3. Wild Break Pigtastic – Lucrative Triple Screen Slot
  4. Unity Wilds Inferno – Unique Panoramic Slot Machine
  5. Raging Rhino – A Classic With Great Potential
  6. Megabucks – Chasing That Life Changing Win
  7. Monopoly Bankruptcy – Fun Monopoly Board Game Bonus
  8. Ultra Hot Mega Link – Good Bonus, Great Visuals, Fantastic Potential

The majority of these slots can be found at any up-scale casino in Las Vegas such as the Bellagio, Red Rock Casino and Caesar’s Palace.

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Quick Spin – Low Volatile Slot With Frequent Wins

If you’re on a short budget and want your money to last as long as possible, Quick Spin is a great slot thanks to its low volatility. Winnings generally appear frequently, allowing you to enjoy yourself for a long time. Something which isn’t always the case in Vegas.    

The slot comes with 40 paylines and has a minimum bet amount of 50 credits. The minimum credit value is 1 cent. Even though the volatility is low, the game offers the potential to reward you with up to 50,000 credits (1,000x your bet amount).

Quick Spin features a free spin bonus as well as a lucky wheel bonus. The latter is what you’re looking for. Hit this bonus and you get to spin a lucky wheel on the slot’s big monitor. The more symbols you trigger the bonus with, the higher the wheel payouts as a win multiplier will be added. 

The Simpsons – All About Entertainment

Simpson slots

Who doesn’t love the Simpsons? Of course, when a game is made after this popular franchise it will be listed as one of the best slots in Las Vegas. At least so if it’s well-made and let me tell you, it definitely is! 

The Simpsons is a 5-reel, 5 row slot machine that comes with an interactive player feature. With the help of a sensor, you have to use your own hand to capture sprinkles that are falling down from a donut at the top screen of the slot. This is the bonus feature of the game. 

The more sprinkles you catch, the more sticky wild symbols and mystery symbols will be added in a free spin feature that follows. I had a blast playing this slot. Not only because of the bonus, but also because of its fantastic sound effects and animations that should be right up the alley of any Simpson fan. 

Wild Break Pigtastic – Lucrative Triple Screen Slot

wild break

Wild Break Pigtastic is a 25 payline slot machine that comes with three vertical screens. The first screen is the reels. Then you have the second screen which has wilds and piggy symbols on it. Then you have the third which is bigger than the other two and only filled with wilds.

When you land piggy symbols on a spin, these will be removed from the second screen allowing the wild symbols on it to drop down to the reels. With the right hit, you could fill several or even all of the reels with wilds. These wilds can be upgraded during gameplay to have a win multiplier of up to x3 added to them, making them very valuable. 

By triggering a free spin feature that grants you 14 free spins, you can also release the massive stacks of wild-symbols located on the top screen. This further increases the potential of the slot.  

Unity Wilds Inferno – Unique Panoramic Slot Machine

Unity wilds inferno

No slot adventure in Las Vegas is complete without Unity Wilds Inferno. I love this game for its awesome panoramic view. It comes with three screens just like Wild Break Pigtastic. However, the screens are not vertical ones, but horizontal, creating an immersive gameplay experience. The screens are huge!

While the middle screen contains 5 reels with 5 rows, the side view mirrors – as I like to call them – only contain wilds and jackpot symbols. When the wilds line up, they get added to the reels and if you hit enough jackpot symbols, a progressive jackpot is paid. The mega one can pay over 10 grand. 

The wild symbols are no ordinary ones. They walk and will stay on the reels for 5 spins. With every spin they move one reel – either to the left or right depending on the side screen they were added from. If two wild symbols overlap each other, they will also receive a win multiplier of x2, x3 or x4. 

Raging Rhino – A Classic With Great Potential

Raging Rhino

Created by Scientific Games and released in 2015, Raging Rhino is a classic that never gets old. It’s a fairly simple slot with 6 reels, 4 rows and 4096 win ways. There are no paylines, but this slot is all about stacking up as many symbols as possible on adjacent reels. 

The highlight of the game is a free spin feature that can go on for quite some time. It’s common to retrigger it. During these free spins you are looking to connect as many rhino symbols as possible while also hoping to land multiplying wild symbols. A single spin can pay more than 6,000 times your stake. 

Megabucks – Chasing That Life Changing Win


With 3 reels and 3 rows, the design of Megabucks certainly won’t impress the modern slot enthusiast. It looks and plays very old school. However, this machine is your go-to slot if your dreams of becoming filthy rich in Vegas are to be answered. Created by IGT, it comes with a progressive jackpot that regularly pays millions of dollars. The record sits at $39 million, which was won in 2003. 

To win the massive jackpot, you3 only have to do two things. The first is to make sure you’re playing for at least 3 credits ($3). If not, the progressive jackpot won’t be triggered. The second thing is to line up three Megabucks symbols on the reels. Sounds easy enough, right?

Monopoly Bankruptcy – Fun Monopoly Board Game Bonus

This 40-payline slot machine is a high volatile game that can pay up to 80,000 credits on a single spin. To reach these riches, you have to trigger the free spin feature which starts with a Monopoly board bonus. I find this bonus quite entertaining!

You receive 3 – 5 dice rolls on the Monopoly board. Here, you will collect rewards that will boost the free spin feature that follows. These rewards include additional free spins, up to three wild reels, a win multiplier up to x8 and normal symbols that turn into wilds. 

The game also comes with a pick and match bonus where you pick cards to collect properties and money bags – all of which pays 20 – 200 credits. Getting all properties of a certain color pays up to 1,000 extra. There’s also a bonus of 2,500 credits that can be earned if you manage to clear the entire bonus game. 

Ultra Hot Mega Link – Good Bonus, Great Visuals, Fantastic Potential

Created by Scientific Games, this slot is an overall favorite of mine. It comes with 5-reels, 4 rows and 50 paylines. It revolves a special free spin bonus where 4 additional rows can be unlocked. 

The goal in the game is to land fire balls which will trigger the one and only bonus. In this bonus, only fire balls can appear on the reels. Each of them comes with a credit value of 25 – 2500. By collecting enough balls, additional rows are unlocked which in turn makes it easier to collect even more fire balls. 

In addition to the credit value of the fire balls, the ones that appear on the top rows of the slot can also trigger one of four progressive jackpots. Here, the biggest one can pay over $10,000. 

Along with its great potential and fun bonus game, this is a really beautiful slot. I love its visual design and high-quality animations that add to the entertainment value of it. The cool music during the bonus is just the icing on the cake.   

What Slot Has the Highest RTP in Las Vegas?

It’s natural that players and people visiting Las Vegas want to play slots with high RTP as the higher the RTP, the better the chances of winning. However, unfortunately it is very rare to find the RTP or house edge info on the actual slot machines. Thus, name dropping Vegas slots with high RTP is impossible.

However, the Nevada Gaming Control Board regularly shares a gambling report that somewhat covers this. In a report from 2018, which can be read here, it is clear that 1 cent slots have the worst RTP, while $25 and multi-denomination ones generally has the highest at around 95%. 

What Las Vegas Slot Has the Lowest House Edge?

House Edge is the opposite of RTP. Thus, the slots that have the highest RTP are the ones with the lowest house edge. In other words, 25-dollar slots and multi-denomination machines tend to be the ones with the lowest house edge while Las Vegas’s penny slots have the highest.

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