6 Reasons to Why You Should Download FF9 to Your PS4 in 2021

Download FF9 on PS4

The PS4 version of Final Fantasy IX was released in September 2017. As an RPG fan you may have scrolled past the game many times browsing the roleplaying section of the PSN store and never bothered to download it. Big mistake if you ask us.

Any fan of great story-telling, turn-based combat and the usual RPG elements are bound to love this game. It follows the story of Zidane – a thief that sets out to kidnap a princess while a war between kingdoms is threatening to ruin the entire world. Your mission? To save it!  

But enough introduction. Here are 6 reasons to why you should download FF9 to your PS4 right now!

1. One of the Best Games in the Final Fantasy Series

We don’t want to spoil anything, but rest assure that the story of this game is absolutely amazing. You can expect several twists that will keep you indulged and beautiful cutscenes to compliment it. Characters have distinct personalities and they develop throughout the game.

On top of this, the music is a masterpiece. There’s probably no Final Fantasy game that will let you down musically, but many believe this game to be one of the best sounding. There are 110 different soundtracks that will make the game come alive and set the right atmosphere.

If you want a glimpse of what’s in store for your ears, check out this YouTube playlist:

2. Hours and Hours of Entertainment

This game is absolutely packed with content. According to this source, the main story alone takes anywhere from 27 hours (if rushed) to 76 hours (if playing casually) to complete.

Besides the main-story, you will find several mini-games and optional side quests as well. Among the mini games, a vast treasure hunt and collectible card game is the big highlight, while side quests include optional boss fights and rare weapons to get your hands on.

If you go for it all, the playthrough time is approximately 60 hours if rushed and 116 hours if playing casually. It’s safe to say that downloading FF9 to your PS4 will keep you busy for a long time.

3. It’s FF9 With Better Graphics

Whether you already played and enjoyed the original game that was released in 2000 or are new to it, you’ll love the fact that the graphics have improved. The PS4 version of FF9 is not an HD-remaster so everything isn’t perfect, but character models definitely look a lot better as they are rendered in a much higher resolution than they were in the original release.


4. The Game Is a Steal

As of May 2021, downloading the PS4 version of FF9 will only cost you €10.49. This is very priceworthy considering the amount of content that is put in this game.

5. Plenty of Trophy Collections

The PS4 version of FF9 comes with a total of 52 trophies to collect. While some of these are easy, there are several difficult ones to challenge the hardcore completionist. For instance, the fact that you need to find all hidden treasures on the world map and manage 1000 successful jumps in the rope jump mini game. Not to mention getting the best weapon for the Steiner character, which is insanely hard.  

Among 40,000 owners of the game (source), approximately 7% have gathered all of the trophies in FF9 to receive the platinum one.

6. You Can Activate Cheats

Personally, we wouldn’t use any cheats as we believe this would be ruining the experience of FF9. However, the PS4 version do come with a few that some players may enjoy; especially for making it easier to gather some of the difficult trophies in the game. Here are the cheats:

  • Battle Assistance that makes fights very easy. It allows your characters to act at once with no waiting time between turns. Additionally, ultimate abilities can be used at any time.

  • 9999, a cheat that makes all characters deal 9999 damage and heal for 9999 hit points.

  • High Speed Mode which allows you to play the game at a faster pace.

  • Safe Travel, a cheat that removes all random battle encounters.

  • Master Abilities allowing characters to learn and master equipment abilities at once.

  • Max Level and Max Stone, a cheat that will set characters to level 99, as well as magic stone quantity to 99.

  • Maximum Gil which will instantly earn you the maximum amount of money in the game.

Do note that FF9 can be downloaded to PS5 as well. We haven’t got the chance to try this version yet, but according to the PSN store all features that are included in the PS4 version may not be available.

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