LoL Betting Tip Semifinal Matches of the World Championship

LoL worlds betting tip

If you’re anything close to a fan of League of Legends you’re surely well aware of the fact that the playoffs of the world championship have been running since the 25th of October. After a bunch of action-packed encounters we’re now close to crowning the winner as only two matches are left before the grand finale.

The semifinals determining who will battle it out for the prestigious title of being the best in the world and who will get the chance of grabbing the biggest share of a multi million dollar prize pool are running on the 2nd and 3rd of November. This means a fully booked weekend!

To spice things up nothing beats having a few bets placed on the matches; especially since some of the best eSport betting sites are offering a huge amount of interesting markets to bet on. To help you find the site giving you the best and most valuable experience we have made an odds comparison of these great operators. You’ll find this listed below with all of the best odds highlighted in yellow.

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02 Nov 12:00 CET Invictus Gaming – FunPlus Phoenix 1.622.33 1.722.05 1.602.20 1.692.12
03 Nov 12:00 CET SK Telecom T1 – G2 Esports 1.632.32 1.572.30 1.552.30 1.592.29
Amount of different markets to bet on: 18 markets 26 markets 44 markets 13 markets
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Please note that the odds and information provided in this article are subject to change.

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