CS:GO Betting Tip: IEM Sydney – First 8 Matches

IEM Sydney 2019

The IEM Sydney is once again back to put some of the best CS:GO teams in the world up against each other in the land down under. It’s a six day running tournament that comes with a $250,000.00 prize pool where the winner is getting a sweet 100k. FaZe Clan were the winners of last year’s event and will be defending their title against quality contenders like NiP, Fnatic, NRG, MIBR and mousesports.

The tournament is kicking off on the 30th of April and will begin with a double elimination format group stage where 16 teams are equally divided into two groups. The first set of matches are being played in a best out of one format to determine the eight teams that will end up in the upper brackets for the best chances of reaching the playoffs.

To make the most of these matches, we have compared odds and markets from four of the best eSport betting sites online. You can find this comparison below with all of the highest match winner odds conveniently highlighted in yellow. Below this list we have also added a comparison for the odds of each participating team winning the entire tournament.

small clock logo for betting tipssmall matchu-up logo for betting tipssmall arcanebet logo for betting tipssmall unibet logo for betting tipssmall betway logo for betting tipssmall ggbet logo for betting tips
30 Apr 04:00 CETTeam Liquid – BOOT-d[S]1.077.481.
30 Apr 04:00 CETmousesports – BIGN/AN/A1.901.801.901.801.761.98
30 Apr 05:10 CETNiP – eUnited1.392.871.303.301.283.351.303.30
30 Apr 05:10 CETMVP PK – Renegades3.931.233.651.253.801.224.191.20
30 Apr 06:20 CETFaZe Clan – Chiefs ESC1.096.641.
30 Apr 06:20 CETViCi Gaming – NRG4.531.
30 Apr 07:20 CETFnatic – Heroic1.552.351.602.251.552.301.602.23
30 Apr 07:20 CETGrayhound – MIBR3.121.343.651.253.801.223.571.26
Amount of different markets to bet on:8 markets8 markets7 markets8 markets
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Odds comparison of teams winning the entire tournament

small arcanebet logo for betting tipssmall unibet logo for betting tipssmall betway logo for betting tipssmall ggbet logo for betting tips
Team Liquid5.
FaZe Clan5.505.005.254.00
ViCi Gaming51.0051.0051.0051.00
Chiefs ESC101.00101.00101.00101.00
MVP PK201.00151.00201.00201.00
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Please note that the odds and information provided in this article are subject to change.

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