Flash vs Jaedong – Afreeca Starleague Season 6

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Flash vs Jaedong – Afreeca Starleague Season 6

Afreeca Starleague season 6 – round of 16 is in full swing and so far group A and B have settled with Sharp (T) and Rain (P) advancing from group A, and Eff0rt (Z) and Shuttle (P) advancing from group B. Group C and D are yet to be decided and the matches in these will take place on the 2nd and 4th of October.

The anticipation in group D is huge right now as no other than the two Starcraft Broodwar legends Jaedong and Flash will be facing each other. The match is important for both of them, not only due to their long legacy as rivalries, but winning it would almost certainly mean a secure spot in the quarterfinals.

Lee Yong Ho and Lee Jae Dong have a total of 49 head-to-head matches between them with a win rate of 51% to Flash (Flash with 25 wins | Jaedong with 24 wins). History tells us that it will be an even match, but bookmakers don’t agree as the betting odds offered gives a whole other picture. Arcanebet’s odds compilers have for instance convincingly favored this match to Flash with 1.31 in odds for winning, while the odds for a Jaedong victory is at 3.05.

The question we’re asking ourselves is: Will Flash and Jaedong stick to their almost dead even score against each other and give a golden opportunity to value bet on Jaedong for 3 times the money or is Flash’s current form just that much better than Jaedong’s?

Betting odds on Flash VS Jaedong – October 4th

eSports betting siteWelcome bonusFlashJaedong
Arcanebet100% up to €1001.313.05
Betspawn100% + 50% + 25% up to €
Betway£30 free bet / 100% up to €1501.303.20

Please note that the odds provided in the article are subject to change.

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