Betting tips semifinals ESL Pro League S13

We have a big weekend ahead of us. Tomorrow is the day that the two teams that are facing off against each other in the finale of ESL Pro League Season 13 will be decided, and on Sunday the winner is crowned. The four teams that are fighting for a spot in the final are the following:

Heoric vs. Furia


Gambit vs. NiP

While Heoric had some fairly tight matches in the group stage, they managed to win all of them, and while their play-in match against NiP certainly wasn’t a slaughter either, it was a confident enough win. This got them to the semi-finals where they are facing off against Furia.

Furia didn’t perform as well in the group stage, which resulted in a second-place finish. However, they have been looking extremely hot in the playoffs. They have confidently won all of their three playoff matches with a substantial margin, and the illustrious Danes in Astralis were absolutely butchered in today’s match.

The currently top ranked Gambit have had a similar journey as Heoric. They won their group by winning all of their group stage matches and they did it fairly easily. Then they confidently beat Astralis in the play-in match, which got them a spot in the semi-finals.

Gambit’s rival NiP also who their group, but they didn’t do it as easily. They went on to lose against Heoric in their play-in match which got them to the quarterfinals. This quarterfinal match turned out to be tight as well, but they eventually won it by beating Complexity in the third map, 16 – 9.

Based on the results of previous matches, we strongly believe that Gambit will be the ones prevailing, beating NiP and moving on to the finals. The bookies seem to agree with us. They are giving Gambit a 75%-win chance. We believe that their chances of winning could be slightly higher though. Therefore, placing a bet on Gambit at 1.35 in odds or higher might be a good idea.

Between Heoric and Furia, we definitely think it can be an extremely tight match. The bookies are giving Heoric a bit of an edge as the odds they have given them reflect a 60% chance to win. Furia, on the other hand, has been given odds equal to a 45%-win chance. In our opinion, we say go with Furia if the odds are 2.20 or better. We think they have a higher chance of winning than 45%, which should make the bet a profitable one to place.

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