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We’re a group of people with several years of experience when it comes to eSports betting and betting in general, working in the iGaming industry. Originally we are all gamers since an early age and have with excitement followed the eSport industry grow. We remember the good old times playing Starcraft: Brood War on a 56k dial-up modem; when DotA was just a mod released to Warcraft 3 and when LoL was just a three letter word to express laughter when stabbing someone in the back with a knife on CS 1.6. Nowadays we’re placing daily bets on CS:GO matches and other games when matches going down,
following how teams are making millions winning tournaments on successors of these games..

eSports have become a massive industry and we’re just scratching the surface of what is to replace traditional sports. There is a growing interest in placing real money bets on the professional eSport matches going down, which is leading to already established betting companies expanding their betting options on eSport, while new operators with eSports as their main focus are entering the market. It’s an exciting time for any gamer who love eSports betting to be alive.

We at eBetFinder are here to carefully review these sites and find out everything good and bad about them so that you’re able to easily find the the best eSports betting site for you. With our experience in the industry, we’re putting their support to the test to find out how helpful and friendly they are, read all of the terms and conditions to find out which welcome offers give most value for the money and follow their eSports coverage to find out who offers the widest selection of entertaining markets, who offer betting on which games and who has the best selection of bets. This is just a few of many things that we find out.

Image of Faceless voidWe simply turn upside down of every bookmaker and find out anything that you would be interested in knowing before deciding where to play. This is then presented in to you in two ways; a thorough review and a short summarize. You should be able to quickly get an overview of the strengths and weaknesses before deciding to read more or join the betting site.

We’re thrilled to be here and we hope you’re as thrilled as us. This is a site for you and any information you find is independent and not biased in any way. We have said no to betting companies that have asked to pay for positive reviews and high rankings, which we in the future will continue to do.

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