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eBetFinder.com is your portal for getting started and advancing with eSports betting. The number of eSport bookies available today can be quite overwhelming to scan through just to find a good, trustworthy site to bet on. That’s why we are here to guide you. We thoroughly review betting sites with eSports in mind and constantly update the provided information so that it’s always kept fresh.

For your convenience, bonus offers are also regularly collected from these operators and listed on our site to give you a quick overview of them. Navigating eBetFinder you’ll also find valuable betting guides, match predictions and other useful content related to eSports betting.

If you’re eager getting started with the excitement of video game gambling, the below list is highlighting promoted eSport bookies that we at eBetFinder are working closely with. Check them out or head on over to our site finder where you can easily browse through all of the best eSport operators for your country.

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Fair reviews based on specific guidelines

Anyone can put a number on a site and rank them, but that doesn’t really mean anything if there’s no explanation behind the ranking. At eBetFinder, you can be sure that every betting site is rated very carefully with specific guidelines for welcome bonuses, eSports coverage, withdrawal times and customer service. These are our main criteria, but we also take other factors that influence the value of the eSports betting experience into consideration. You can read more about this furter down on the page or find a thorough explanation of it by going to our how we rate section.

In-depth, helpful and valuable eSport game guides for betting

Enhance your experience by getting all the information you need about the game you’re interested in betting on!

With our exclusive game guides you’ll find valuable betting information, such as top rated operators for a specific game title, where to get the best bonuses for your game of choice, tips on how to become a more successful bettor on the game you prefer and other useful information.

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We tell you if a betting site is good for eSports or not

Betting on eSports is simple, but finding a site that will give you a great experience is not always as easy. There are quality differences between the operators offering the possibility to bet on eSports. While some are very limited with their coverage of games, entertaining markets and matches, others provide a fantastic one. Welcome offers can also vary quite a lot in value, not to mention other important things that can make or break a bookmaker.

When we’re reviewing a site, we are looking at several different things that bring value to the eSport betting experience. This is quite a complex matter with several key factors that are taken into account. The process includes using a carefully developed formula which helps us to accurately rank all of the sites.

Some of our key factors

eSports coverage

How many matches are being covered? Are any other bets than match winner offered, such as who will get the first kill?

A part from finding a wide selection of matches to bet on, a site with a good variety of entertaining markets is what we prefer. We think you do as well.

Customer service

How is the availability of the customer support and how can they be reached?

An optimal support should be able to help you with any query at any time of the day through live chat, e-mail, and phone.


What kind of bonus is offered to welcome new players? Are other campaign offers regularly provided?

This can be a true deal-breaker when searching for a new site to bet on as bonuses can bring a lot of value to the experience. 

Cash flow

What deposit methods are offered and how long does it take to have a withdrawal processed and a bet settled?

To be able to make a quick last minute deposit; squeeze in a winning live bet and have it quickly settled; or to have a requested withdrawal processed in an instant can add a lot to the experience.

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With our eSports betting news you can expect to find odds comparisons of upcoming matches, ongoing bonus offers that eSport bookies have and useful guides that will improve your experience.

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The eSports betting guide to start with

eSports betting/gambling is a generic term for placing real money bets on video games.

The word eSports is short for electronic sports and originated in 1972 when the first competitive video game tournament was held. Back then it was however not considered to be a sport at all and the term eSport did therefore not really exist. With technology advancing, this has allowed game developers to create highly strategic games with high skill caps, which has increased the interest in competitive gaming.

This growing interest has not only resulted in eSports becoming a billion dollar industry with prize pools of tens of millions for professional gamers to get their hands on. Being able to follow the excitement of the action packed matches on Twitch, Youtube and by visiting live events, this has also created a demand for the public to place real money bets on the encounters, which is what eSports betting (also known as eSports gambling) is all about. Just like bets placed on traditional sports, eSports betting is nowadays a popular form of entertainment for gamers all around the world.

Placing a bet on eSports is no harder than placing a bet on any other sport.

When you’re betting on eSports this works no differently than betting on any other sport. All you have to do is to create an account with one of many bookmakers that can be found here and make a deposit. Once done you only have to head over to the website’s odds section and click on the matches and markets that you would like to bet on. This will then be added to a coupon that should be located somewhere on the screen. From here you can either change your bet alternatives to a combination or system bet, or just confirm your selections as they are and have your eSport bet placed.

If you’ve never done any of this it might seem complicated, but it’s really easy once you get into it. To learn more about betting alternatives and odds, we highly recommended that you visit our odds section.

The majority of operators are nowadays offering eSport bets, but the quality varies.

As eSports have become a huge industry with a lot of people interested in placing real money bets, it’s possible to find several eSport betting sites that are offering odds on several different eSport games. The experience that these bookmakers offer can however vary quite a lot. While some have a very wide selection of entertaining markets to choose from, others only offer match and tournament winner to bet on. It’s not only the markets that vary, but also the coverage of events that are taking place. While some for instance are guaranteed to offer world class betting on dreamhack, others may only cover a few of the matches being played.

To make the choice as easy as possible for you, we have written thorough reviews and rated bookmakers based on several important factors, such as the eSports coverage and the value of the welcome offer. You can therefore easily find the place that suits your needs the best and is guaranteed to give you a world-class eSports betting experience.

It’s a challenge, but definitely possible for the knowledgeable one!

For most people, placing bets on eSports is a form of entertainment that brings the excitement of professional matches to a whole new level. However, if you’re just interested in making as much profit as possible from your bets, this is also possible. To become a profitable bettor it’s good to have great knowledgeable about the game you’re betting on as it’s your knowledge against the betting operator’s that will decide how much money you’re making in the long run. With that being said, there are a few other things that also play an important role when it comes to being a profitable bettor. To find out all about these, it’s recommended that you head over to our eSports betting guides where you’ll find valuable information about optimizing your profits.

Generally speaking you’ll find the most valuable bonuses as part of welcome offers.

More or less all eSport operators offer new players a welcome bonus that gives you an added value to your betting. Even though a welcome bonus is generally the most profitable type of offer you can find, they can vary quite a lot in value from one bookmaker to another. It’s easy to find a lot of mediocre bonuses, hard to find good ones and very rare to find the ones that are super valuable and a must have for anyone looking to make an easy profit. With the ambition of making your eSports betting experience as good as possible, we have however gathered and listed all of the best welcome offers so that you can easily get your eSports gambling journey started on the right foot!

eSport bonuses work differently from one bookie to another.

There are a lot of different eSport bonuses out there and they all work differently. Therefore it’s always a good idea that you carefully read through the terms and conditions of the bonus you’re considering taking part of. Deposit bonuses are the most common type of offers, which means that your deposit gets matched by a certain percentage of bonus money. You will however also find bonuses where you receive a cashback as you bet, as well as different type of free bets and risk free bets. Worth mentioning is that most bonuses have a wagering requirement that needs to be fulfilled. This means that you have to place bets for a certain amount before the bonus money that you’ve received becomes your own, real money.

More or less everything can be used as a deposit method for eSports betting.

The different eSport bookies provide different types of deposit methods – some more methods than others. It is however safe to say that no matter what method you prefer using, you can be certain that there is at least one bookmaker that will offer the possibility to deposit with it. We highly recommend using either Skrill, Neteller or PayPal as these are usually the fastest and easiest ways to withdraw and deposit money with.

Bitcoins is one of the rarer payment methods, but there are a few bookies where you can use them.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has become more and more popular over the years, which has led to a couple of eSport operators offering the possibility to bet with it. Although the number of sites that do offer bitcoins are quite few, you’re able to find some of the best eSport betting experiences amongst them. One of the advantages of using bitcoins is that you’ll have full anonymity, which means that you never have to provide any personal information. All sites that we have listed are of course secure and safe options, but for the paranoid bettor or one that is into fishy business this is a great alternative.

Live streaming and eSports betting always make for a perfect evening!

Although it’s possible to watch professional matches on Twitch, it can’t be quite handy to place bets with a bookmaker that is offering live streaming themselves. If you’re only interested in pre-match bets it doesn’t matter much, but for the best live betting experience it’s convenient to have your odds right beneath the live stream. Not all eSport bookies are offering live streaming, but those that are focused on eSports betting, which more or less are all of the brands that we have ranked the highest, usually do.

As long as you pick one of our listed bookies, you can be sure it’s safe.

All the eSport operators that we have listed are all licensed and regulated by law. In addition to this, they have been tested and carefully reviewed by us. They are all considered trustworthy sites and you can always feel 100% secure using them. Please do however note that it’s always important that you protect your own account by never sharing your password with anyone. Please also note that it’s important that you do not break any of the terms and conditions that the eSport bookies have. One common error is to create several accounts and use the welcome bonus offered on all of them. This is considered to be bonus abusing and could lead to a lot of problems, such as winnings getting confiscated.

Like most good things in life, the common age restriction to bet on eSports is 18 years.

In most countries you have to be at least 18 years old to do eSports betting and other types of gambling, but there could be exceptions to this rule. If you are unsure about the minimum age, it’s always best to check with your local authorities and/or the bookie.

Taxes on eSport winnings rarely exist.

For the majority of countries the winnings from eSports betting are completely tax-free. However, to be completely sure that you don’t have to pay any taxes on your winnings, it’s always best to double check with your local tax office.

We have been approved by an independent site.

We take great pride in what we do and put a lot of effort into providing all of our visitors with accurate and unbiased information about eSports and eSport betting sites. We have also been reviewed by the trusted and independent affiliate review site gamblingaffiliatereview.com and received an excellent score by them. The best thing you can do is to browse around and see what we have to offer. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!